Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks to ... for ...

  • Thanks to Karen for going to the temple with me in the morning.
  • Thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings (facebook wall, texts, emails, phone calls)
  • Thanks to everyone for coming to the park. It was so fun to see my family and friends.
  • Thanks to Karen and Ron and Kari for their help with the hose and water balloons.
  • Thanks to Kristi for lending your jacket to Luke who was really cold after all the water.
  • Thanks to Cameron and Rich for making sure the kids had tons of fun in the water.
  • Thanks to Dan for bringing the baby swimming pool (first base). Water kickball never happened but the kids still made good use of the pool.
  • Thanks to Ann Dee and Millie for the yummy cakes
  • Thanks to Larry for the BYU creamery mint chocolate chip ice cream - he knows me well.
  • Thanks to Jewel for suggesting I bend over so everyone could give me my birthday spankings.
  • Thanks to Ann Dee for trying to get me to sing a solo from the Dixon Spectacular - a little warning so I could mentally prepare and I just might have done it.
  • Thanks to Cameron for driving my car back from the mechanic in American Fork - lots of work done to get ready for the big trip.
  • Thanks to Lacy and Lindsy for letting me show them off to all my friends.
  • Thanks to God for the awesome downpour that brought everyone at the party so close together in the pavilion.
  • Thanks to Rachel and the St. Clairs for showing up just minutes after we all left the park.
  • Thanks to my mid-singles friends (bless the Oak Hills 8th ward) for the spontaneous after party at the professor's house.
  • Thanks to CJane for blogging about the party.
From the garden of Alex - look at the kissing carrots. Hmm - I gotta start looking for a red head I guess.
Wendy, CJane, and Lindy and a couple of strollers and a few kids

Mid-singles (if you dont' know what that is don't ask) after party at Matt's house - Olympics, pizza, wings and ranch dressing. Wendy? Liz? Ginny? Kim? You girls need to hold out longer next time.

Angela, Katy, Melissa                                                         Matt, Katy, Alex

I feel loved at 32.
Coming soon - BDAA updates. I leave Wednesday!


A and R said...

Thanks to Amber for bringing the most people (kids) with her to the party!
Happy Trails Katy!!! Be safe.

Linds said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can't wait to see you this weekend! Safe travels!

Bek said...

How fun! I lurk on your blog but wanted to say Happy Birthday. I know Lisa and Topher and CJane and the rest (and I just had a baby with Down Syndrome and you put me in touch with your brother and sister... and this year we are doing the buddy walk!!!!).

If you were coming to San Franciso I would put you and and try and find a date for you... when you do your west coast tour, let me know. :-)

Safe Travels and Happy Birthday!

Skelley Family said...

Call me ASAP
I got an even better date for ya!

Angela said...

Hey i am so glad the party went well. I am bummed to have missed it! Good luck on the trip.. remember you will never see these guys again so just pull out all the stops.. try everything you have always wanted to try on a date to see if it works. I tell you when I did this I learned some new skills and then it made dating more fun when I would try new ideas with different guys!

GO KTB>>>>>> drive safe! HUGS!!!

millie said...

You're welcome...thanks for having a fun birthday party.

Scames said...

You could thank me for not bringing pink eye, strep throat and staph infection to your party! I'm sorry I missed your special day, just know I love ya! Good luck on your adventure- I hope you find everything you're looking for!

katie said...

I am so sorry for missing it. I really planned on coming and even told Adam that is what I was doing because he had to work. Well, I woke up that morning and ran 12 miles and then I was so sick I was visiting the white throne the rest of the day. I really did think of you that day as I laid on the couch yelling at my kids. It sounds like you had a great time. You know I love you right? Happy Birthday Knighty!!!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Katy, I'm glad you had a good birthday- I wish I could have made the trek down to Provo. I miss Kiwanis Park!

I am SO EXCITED for BDAA. Do your blog readers get to "vote your dates off the island?"

Amber-(Even though I don't know you personally I recognize you) Triplets followed by twins? Wow!