Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazer Larry ... Happy Father's Day

This is my dad Larry (my brother Joe too):

I like this picture because I remember that it was my off-color joke that made him laugh like that.

This is Larry and Jewel in Alaska overlooking the cruise ship.

I don't know anyone who is more:
  • kind
  • soft spoken
  • giving
  • loving
  • selfless
  • generous
  • caring
  • slow to anger
  • proud of his kids
  • humble
  • willing to try new things
  • smart (you need a degree in physics to really understand what he did for a living)
These are some of the things we all (Larry's kids and grandkids) get from him:
  • his good looks
First generation (Larry)      Second generation (Dan & Sam)        Third generation (Asher) - many other grandkids look like Larry
  • love of sports
  • love of the gospel
  • love of good food (although these days he eats really weird combinations of things)
  • his testimony
  • love for a spouse
  • work ethic
  • free dinners
  • father's blessing
  • patriarchal blessings
  • ability to be calm in stressful situations
  • the importance of an education
  • example of never-ending faith and hope in the potential of others
  • acceptance
  • wisdom
  • all that he has and is

When we were growing up my dad would make breakfast every morning and sing crazy folk songs that didn't make much sense. Then he would walk Ann Dee and I to school. He never missed one of my basketball games (including Jr. Jazz). He always has shown unconditional love for me and confidence in my abilities. When things get hard, I have often thought, "I can do this because my dad knows I can."

My dad would do anything for me or any of his kids or grandkids. Right now he is doing and being everything for his wife. It is very touching to watch them interact. He is always tender and sweet even when sometimes the situation is very frustrating. Last week in his talk, my nephew Jordan talked about the example his grandpa Larry is of love. I think we are all better people because of my dad's example in caring for his wife. I would be so lucky to have someone love me and take care of me like he does her.

Here they are dancing at Jewel's (named after her grandma) wedding.

I'm so glad that I was born into this family, even if my parents were a bit older when the had me and Ann Dee. Most likely my kids won't know my parents like I do or my older nieces and nephews do. That is why records like journals, family histories, and even blogs are important. 

Happy Father's Day ... a week late.