Saturday, August 25, 2007

Am I a bulldog or a caveman?

Well it depends on the phase of my life ...

Anyone who knew me in high school would say that I was a bulldog through and through. Some have even speculated that my blood was green. I might have been a bit overboard with my school pride but I loved Provo High.

I started teaching and coaching in American Fork in 2003. My first year I coached the ninth grade team. The next year I coahced the sophomore team and my third year I coached the JV team. That means that I coached the same girls for thee years straight.

When I was the sophomore coach at AF we played Provo High. I remember one of my basketball girls asking me if I was going to cheer for them when we played Provo High. I kinda looked at her and was like - of course I am, I'm your coach. I did have to think about if for a second.

As time went on and I spent more time with these girls, my loyalties to Provo High weakened and I became a Caveman. I even know the school song. These are my girls - the only three girls from that original group that made it through four years of Lady Cavemen basketball. I had them over to my house the other night and we talked about their futures. I kinda grew up again with these girls.

I could have gotten a job at any school and my loyalties would be with that school because I would get to know and love the people. Unless of course it was Timpview or Lone Peak.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

This very day fifty years ago ...

these two got married in the SLC temple.

This is them now.

This is my mom back then

and this is my mom fifty years later.

For their 50th anniversary party, I put together a slide show with a bunch of our old photos. That experience confirmed my theory that I really am the cutest of all their 9 kids. Well - it is probably a tie with Sandy but that is only because we look exactly alike. One of my favorite things is to try and get my parents to admit that I am the cutest. I think they kinda want to admit it but they just don't feel like they can cause it would cause a real family fued. They always laugh hard when I talk about it but they NEVER deny it so I think they really do believe it. I can't wait for the comments from my brothers and sisters.

Here is the proof that I am the cutest.

I'm also their favorite. I mean, why would they get a professional picture taken with just one kid?

I'm pretty sure that if we had a family "Next Top Model" competition, I'd win but I think Cameron and Ann Dee would win a family "Amazing Race". I think Dan would win a family survivor cause he is everyone's favorite and he is in the best shape. Karen and I like to think about the possibilities for family reality TV shows. Those would be so much more fun to watch (just like Dick and Danielle on BB8). It would most likely tear families apart but think of the entertainment value - could be worth it!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My education ...

I should be writing a paper right now - it is due by 5:00 PM. Instead I found these old slides from my preschool days. This is how my schooling all began - at Peter Pan Preschool. I don't remember too much about preschool but I know I loved it. I do remember those great people that I spent preschool - 12th grade with. We share so many memories.

Here are a few from Wasatch Elementary:

May Pole dance
Mrs Busco's diahrama project
Eating lunch with the kids from Oakridge
Chinese jumprope
Summer of the Monkeys read by Mrs. Frazier
Four square
Kick ball
War ball (also known as Dodge ball)
"Its the best school in the land"
"Today's good students make tomorrow's good citizens"
School lunch
long division
County, State, Country Fairs in the gym
PATI (Pay attention to instructions) - Mr. Metz
Mrs. Lee's scary story telling times
Lunch duty - it was so cool
Flag duty - it was also so cool
Student of the day
Performing over the intercom
Anne Elizabeth

Am I forgetting anything?

Everyone had a crush on BJC. Is that CWE - I heart that girl!!!

Hey PVL "XYZ - PDQ" !!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My birthday par

Last year on August 9th, Dan and Sam and I golfed at Sleepy Ridge. It was the first time I had ever played nine holes. Prior to that I only hit balls at the driving range. It was fun and I have been golfing many times since then. This year on August 9th, I golfed with Dan and Joe (Sam couldn't get away from work) at Sleepy Ridge. I was a lot better this year - I got two legitimate (I didn't throw the ball onto the fairway) bogies. I could have even gotten par on both of these holes if I could putt worth a darn. I've never earned par on a hole in my life. I have gotten a birdie once but that was lucky and I had a professional caddy (Lisa) coach me.

On the 8th hole, Dan was just about to get par. When he took his last shot he told me that this was my birthday par. I laughed and said thanks. He was serious - he gave me par. Check out the score card.

These are other people that I spent time with last Thursday.

I'm glad that August 9, 2007 is over - for me, turning 31 (twenty eleven) was harder than turning 30. When Stacy told me that is was past midnight and no longer my birthday, I was relieved.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I pay these people

The trainers at Golds Gym don't really get Intuitive Eating.

My first trainer was a girl at the AF gym. She made me work hard and she told me to not eat white bread or white pastas etc. One time she asked me what I had for lunch - at this point I had already done 10 bicep curls. When I answered that I had eaten at the Olive Garden and yes I ate the breadsticks she made me do 10 more. I was in trouble and she was punishing me with exercise. I was dying - I almost vomited. I lied to her about what I ate from then on. Is that bad?

My new trainer shown here in this photo also doesn't get intuitive eating. When I told him that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want and I just need to honor my hunger and fullness - he gave me a funny look. .

We look good together, don't ya think?

He's also bugging me about my cardio. Two times ago - I expressed my excitement that we weren't going to work my legs out and he asked "why don't you like to work out the legs?" I told him that it was too much cardio and he replied, "Well if you did your cardio everyday ..." Then he called me out on my "In and Out" t-shirt. I defended myself - I like "In and Out burgers". Last time, I went early and did my cardio before my appointment. I proudly reported to him, "I did my cardio" and he looked at my back to see if it was wet with sweat - man this guy won't quit.

I pay him to be this way. He did use a direct "will you" question and so I agreed to buy a stability ball to sit on at work. I agreed because my back does get really sore when I lift weights and I know I need to strengthen my core. He also told me to drink more water and less soda. I resisted at first but I think he's right. Lately my muscles have been cramping and I think it might be because I don't get enough water.

I have decided to ignore him unless I think what he is saying agrees with the principles in Intuitive Eating.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Monday Movie Quotes

What are your favorite quotes from this movie?

Mine is: "Everyone I know has a big but".

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I can always tell ...

when my friends are breast feeding over the phone. It's easy if you are observant - you hear a fussing baby pretty close to the phone and then suddenly the fussing stops. At that moment, the mother, who never stopped talking to you, has a change in her voice - relief. If the baby is old enough you can actually hear the kid. I don't know how I feel about people breast feeding in front of me. It makes me uncomfortable but then its like why? They obviously don't care and maybe I should be complimented that they feel close enough to me to do that. Kim will even send me a picture of her while breast feeding via email - now that is friendship. I've never breast fed anyone but I'd do it if I had my own kid and I'd be a wet nurse for Ann Dee's baby, Mr. Baby. (By the way, if you really want to know what her baby's name is, email me and I'll let you know.) Thank goodness I don't have to do that - it's a little too "Grapes of Wrath" for me.

Mr. Baby is so funny when he breast feeds. He is such a curious baby that if there is any noise at all around while he is eating, he will pop right off and check out what is going on. Karen and I like to call his name while he is eating because it is so funny when he comes off and it makes Ann Dee mad. Our Mom told us to knock it off but then she actually joined in the fun and tried it out herself. Mr. Baby responded to his grandma just like he did his bratty aunts.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


A lot of people call me Katy B. I was named after my Dad’s mom. She died shortly after I was born so I never knew her. My mom says I’m a lot like her because she liked to organize things. My mom, who was also her daughter-in-law, wasn’t her biggest fan so should I take that as a compliment?

When she called roll on my first day of high school in Mrs. O'Bryant's Algebra 2 class, I yelled "Katy with a y". There were these older cool jock guys that thought that was funny so in that class I was called "Katy with a y". As Anne might put it, "Katy with a y is much more alluring than with an ie" - see previous post.

A few people call me Katy Bitner and other people might think that is sacrilegious but I think it’s fine. When I was little I was embarrassed about my middle name and I didn’t want anyone to know what it was. In high school I used it as a campaigning tool and I’ve never been able to live it down. When I get set apart for new callings and I have to tell them my “full name”, I get a little embarrassed again and I always have to repeat it. If I got married I guess I could use my maiden name as my middle name but then I’d miss people calling me Katy B.

Other names people have called me:
Katy with a Y
Coach Knight

Can you think of more?