Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Katherine with a K

"I'm glad you spell Katherine with a K. Katherine with a K is so much more alluring than Katherine with a C."

I was waiting for BB8 to start so I turned to KBYU because Anne of Green Gables was on. It was right at the part where Anne said this quote and then Miss Brook changed the letter on the blackboard to a C. It was hilarious. No one is more dramatic than Anne - except for maybe Jen on BB8. I almost donated $325 to KBYU so I could get the gift of all the books and all the DVDs. Then I remembered that I could just buy them if I wanted for a lot cheaper and KBYU gets my money in a round about way cause I'm a full tithe player.

Who doesn't love Anne? When Matthew died, I cried. When Gilbert called Anne "Carrot", I wanted to cry - I can relate. I remember sitting on the floor in Ann Dee's room before bed listening to my mom read from the book. I loved Gilbert Blithe - he is soooo hot. He's much cuter in the movie than in this picture.

A few years ago I saw Anne play a lesbian on E. R. - very fitting. I'm not going to buy the books or the movies.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Choir Nazi

Yesterday we sang both of these songs in Relief Society and it brought back the following memory:

In 2000 Amber, Ashley, Emily and Lisa and I sang these songs with a women's choir from BYU at the General Relief Society Broadcast. It was fun - we all sang alto. I wanted to do it cause Ann Dee was on her mission and I thought it would be cool if she could see me all the way over in Hong Kong. I had a plan ... sit close to the black girl or the asian girl cause they always seem to get air time. The cameramen like to make our church look like we are so diverse - even in Utah.

We had to practice lots and wear pastel colors and one time the lady in charge (not the director) got mad at some poor girl for not ironing her shirt. "Do you have an iron? Use it!" She wasn't very nice so we called her the choir Nazi.

Well we were set. We were seated right above the black girl. My plan was going to work. Then right before the meeting began, they moved that girl down closer to the front - seriously. I was out of luck, although I did feel good that my theory was right about the cameramen. No TV time for me - not even satellite broadcast time! Maybe I should just audition for a commercial or something.

Friday, July 27, 2007


This is me with my mouth open. I'm wearing one of my favorite sweaters - I still have it and wish it were winter so I could wear it. This is also me as a baby - fer cute.