Wednesday, August 1, 2007


A lot of people call me Katy B. I was named after my Dad’s mom. She died shortly after I was born so I never knew her. My mom says I’m a lot like her because she liked to organize things. My mom, who was also her daughter-in-law, wasn’t her biggest fan so should I take that as a compliment?

When she called roll on my first day of high school in Mrs. O'Bryant's Algebra 2 class, I yelled "Katy with a y". There were these older cool jock guys that thought that was funny so in that class I was called "Katy with a y". As Anne might put it, "Katy with a y is much more alluring than with an ie" - see previous post.

A few people call me Katy Bitner and other people might think that is sacrilegious but I think it’s fine. When I was little I was embarrassed about my middle name and I didn’t want anyone to know what it was. In high school I used it as a campaigning tool and I’ve never been able to live it down. When I get set apart for new callings and I have to tell them my “full name”, I get a little embarrassed again and I always have to repeat it. If I got married I guess I could use my maiden name as my middle name but then I’d miss people calling me Katy B.

Other names people have called me:
Katy with a Y
Coach Knight

Can you think of more?


Ann Dee said...

Dod Richen

kristi said...

aunt katy

Katy said...

I just spent some time with some old mission friends ... they all still call me "Knighty"

Ashley said...

Hey Friend,

I'm so glad you're in the blogging world! Me too! Send me you email and I'll send you an invite to my blog... ta ta

ashley shupe (Thiess)

Ashley said...

forgot to give you my email:

ellen said...

knighty (on the mish)

Karen said...

How bout Red?

Karen said...


Karen said...


Karen said...

Don't forget "Strawberry Shortcake"!

Anonymous said...

How about Miss Knight and Sis. Knight? Well, I know that Chuck thought you were the coolest teacher ever. His bug collection is STILL AT MY HOUSE and he doesn't want me to throw it away.

I will always think of you as Katy B. though, even if you get married! I'm so glad you are blogging. You always make me laugh and smile. You are great! I remember in YW when you finally told me your middle name....and I remember you being set apart for several YW callings and you really did not like saying your whole name. But, you made us laugh because you made jokes about it.
I'll never forget when you and Ann Dee moved into the ward as little girls. Then one Sunday, these darling little red headed girls played the violin and viola in church...(I think that's what you played). And then I got to be your Sunbeam teacher, Merrie Miss teacher, and YW leader! Yahoo. I loved it!

Dan said...

As an older brother I had a lot of nicknames for KT. Dod, Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic, Tater, Skater. If you think those are bad, you should hear the ones I have for little orphan AnnDee.

Ann Dee said...

Dan, please do not EVER tell your nicknames for me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I got to see Katy Birgithe's sweet retro condo the same night that I bought and read AnnDee's great new book!

Macy said...

Miss Knight is my favorite.