Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aunt LuJean and Aunt Katherine

A couple of weeks ago my mom's oldest sister, LuJean Olpin Sundberg died. A couple of days ago my mom's next oldest sister, Katherine Olpin Weeks died. Both were living here and both had Alzheimer's. Probably ten years ago, my mom's older brother, Dee Edwin Olpin died from lung cancer.

Here is a picture of these two aunts with my mom.

Here are some more pictures of my mom's family before any of her siblings had passed away. My mom is the little girl in this first photo.

Silly T-shirts and Park City Family Vacation

Last week my family was here:

and I was here:

with all the dead animals and plants.

I did get to go up to Park City last weekend and that was fun.

I noticed my nephews were wearing some funny T-shirts. At least I thought they were funny.

My brother-in-law, Doug (the father of these boys), started this small company, "Wussy Wear." Check it out. Doug also made these T-shirts for our annual family 5K Turkey Trot.

Last Thanksgiving they didn't have a Turkey Trot because I ditched the whole holiday and went here. And if I'm not there...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Can you find Waldo (Sam and Dan) in these pictures?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Advertising for gas ...

Dan came up with this idea...

I really am concerned about how much money I'll be spending on gas. Does anyone out there know someone who would sponsor my trip if I wrapped my car with their company logo? Ann Dee thinks I should try LDSSingles - that could be a bit embarrassing but who cares right? I mean I'm driving all over the country to go on dates after all.

Please any ideas?

Another slumber party and another basketball tournament

Last Friday Van slept over. We refuse to call it babysitting even though he was asleep by 8PM and slept in my closet. Most of the time we spent together, Van brought every single one of these out of my pantry:

Van also enjoyed our morning walk with Grandpa Larry - can't you tell?

I spent most of Saturday at UVU baby (for some reason I can't say UVU without adding "baby") with the Lady Cavemen. They dominated every game - duh. I took them all to the best sandwich joint in Utah Valley. Not one of them had ever been there - whatta shame.

Who has better calves?

Monday, June 9, 2008

BDAA - Dates for my Dates

I've got tentative dates for this trip. I'm going to buy two flip video cameras and take my other camcorder so I can effectively document these blind dates and the whole experience. I also plan on blogging every night - if I have access to the internet.

IF you have any suggestions for songs (or better yet playlists) that would help with the drive, please pass them along. You could even go the extra mile and make me a CD if you really wanted.

IF you have any suggestions for Books on Tape I might enjoy, also feel free.

IF it is still OK for me to stay with you, I need a confirmation of the date below and your address. Remember, I'm bringing my air mattress so a floor will do just fine. I still might want to borrow a towel. Just send the information to:

IF you found me a date, I need a name and email - I'll set up the details. You've done enough and THANK YOU!

IF you really can't find anyone - let me know and I'll start finding my own dates online (LDS dating sites).

you have offered to come along, I'm sorry but I think this trip will be better if I go alone. There are many reasons why I should take someone with me but I just feel this is something I must do all by myself. Just me and my beetle bug. Thanks to all of you that have offered.

* = confirmed

August 13th – Price, UT (can’t leave until after my final ends at 1:00 PM)
• Stay with Molly* or Melissa*
• Date with: Dave (Molly)
• Travel time: 1.5 hours

August 14th – Denver, Colorado
• Stay with: Peggy*
• Date with: Jeremy (Holliann)
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 15th – Kansas City, KS
• Stay with: Lindsay* (Ann* in the morning of the 16th?)
• Date with: Todd (Margaret - Ann's mom)
• Travel time: 8 hours and 41 mins

August 16th – West Des Moines – IA
• Stay with: Erica*
• Date with: Name please (Erica)
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 17th – Evanston, IL
• Stay with: Ronni*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 18th – Lexington, KY
• Stay with: Jeff*
• Date with: Jeff* (Melissa)
• Travel time: 6.5 hours

August 19th – West Grove, PA
• Stay with: Marianne*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 9.5 hours (long but doable)

August 20th – Boston, MA
• Stay with: Macy*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 5.5 hours

August 21st - Washington DC
• Stay with: Mary*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 7.25 hours

August 22nd – Charlottesville, VA
• Say hi to: Kenon*
• Travel time: 2 hours and 23 minutes

August 22nd – Clemmons, NC
• Stay with: Kim*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 4 hours

August 23rd – Greenville, SC
• Say hi to: Lauren*
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 23rd – Evans, GA
• Stay with: Molly*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 24th – Gainesville, FL
• Stay with: Lindsey*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 25th - Baton Rouge, LA
• Stay with: Heather*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 8 hours 45 minutes

August 26th – Houston, TX
• Stay with: Jill*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 7 hours

August 27th – Austin, TX
• Stay with: Carrie*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 28th – El Paso, TX
• Stay with: Jen*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 8 hours

August 29th – Phoenix, AZ
• Stay with: Jacquie*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 30th – St. George, UT
• Stay with: Laura*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 7 hours

August 31st – Provo, UT
• Travel time: 3.5 hours

September 1st – rest from my labors on Labor Day
September 2nd - back to school and work

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lots and lots of slumber parties

Last week I had multiple slumber "parties."

MONDAY: Kate (from my grad program) slept over - I went to bed early and was no fun so can't really count that as a party. She bought me Cafe Rio - mmmmm.

WEDNESDAY: Stacy slept over cause she was working late in Provo - I'm all about helping out commuting friends when I can. Again I went to bed early and was no fun.

THURSDAY: Lucy, Jack, Tyson, and Luke slept over to celebrate the last day of soccer camp. I actually did stay up late and tried to have fun but I get a bit grumpy when I'm tired. Here are some photos from the event:

from my balcony

My DVD player wasn't working so we had to go to Target to buy a new one cause what's a slumber party without a movie?

They all thought I was crazy cause I bought them each their own Chapstick and not a treat. We live in a dry desert people. I was just trying to help them out - kids lips get chapped too.

Oh look and they got a treat anyway...

I put on a movie that none of them had seen, "The God's Must Be Crazy." I forgot just how naked those bushmen are in that movie. Shh - don't tell Dan or Sandy.

In the morning Grandpa Larry brought everyone donuts from the Provo Bakery.

FRIDAY: The Lady Cavemen were playing up at a tournament at Davis High so they all decided they wanted to "camp" at Cherry Hill. Um - that was not camping because we couldn't even have a fire. But I guess it was camping because I slept on the ground in the rain.

I love my girls even when they smell. There are very few people that I would sleep on the ground for these days.