Saturday, June 28, 2008

Silly T-shirts and Park City Family Vacation

Last week my family was here:

and I was here:

with all the dead animals and plants.

I did get to go up to Park City last weekend and that was fun.

I noticed my nephews were wearing some funny T-shirts. At least I thought they were funny.

My brother-in-law, Doug (the father of these boys), started this small company, "Wussy Wear." Check it out. Doug also made these T-shirts for our annual family 5K Turkey Trot.

Last Thanksgiving they didn't have a Turkey Trot because I ditched the whole holiday and went here. And if I'm not there...


Lindsey said...

THOSE SHIRTS ARE THE BEST! I sooo need the kitty one.

Carina said...

My husband needs the pickle shirt, like, bad.

I hit the links this morning! Someday we've got to get a tee time together.

Molly said...

Love the shirts! Macy got J the pickle one for Christmas.