Monday, June 9, 2008

BDAA - Dates for my Dates

I've got tentative dates for this trip. I'm going to buy two flip video cameras and take my other camcorder so I can effectively document these blind dates and the whole experience. I also plan on blogging every night - if I have access to the internet.

IF you have any suggestions for songs (or better yet playlists) that would help with the drive, please pass them along. You could even go the extra mile and make me a CD if you really wanted.

IF you have any suggestions for Books on Tape I might enjoy, also feel free.

IF it is still OK for me to stay with you, I need a confirmation of the date below and your address. Remember, I'm bringing my air mattress so a floor will do just fine. I still might want to borrow a towel. Just send the information to:

IF you found me a date, I need a name and email - I'll set up the details. You've done enough and THANK YOU!

IF you really can't find anyone - let me know and I'll start finding my own dates online (LDS dating sites).

you have offered to come along, I'm sorry but I think this trip will be better if I go alone. There are many reasons why I should take someone with me but I just feel this is something I must do all by myself. Just me and my beetle bug. Thanks to all of you that have offered.

* = confirmed

August 13th – Price, UT (can’t leave until after my final ends at 1:00 PM)
• Stay with Molly* or Melissa*
• Date with: Dave (Molly)
• Travel time: 1.5 hours

August 14th – Denver, Colorado
• Stay with: Peggy*
• Date with: Jeremy (Holliann)
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 15th – Kansas City, KS
• Stay with: Lindsay* (Ann* in the morning of the 16th?)
• Date with: Todd (Margaret - Ann's mom)
• Travel time: 8 hours and 41 mins

August 16th – West Des Moines – IA
• Stay with: Erica*
• Date with: Name please (Erica)
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 17th – Evanston, IL
• Stay with: Ronni*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 18th – Lexington, KY
• Stay with: Jeff*
• Date with: Jeff* (Melissa)
• Travel time: 6.5 hours

August 19th – West Grove, PA
• Stay with: Marianne*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 9.5 hours (long but doable)

August 20th – Boston, MA
• Stay with: Macy*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 5.5 hours

August 21st - Washington DC
• Stay with: Mary*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 7.25 hours

August 22nd – Charlottesville, VA
• Say hi to: Kenon*
• Travel time: 2 hours and 23 minutes

August 22nd – Clemmons, NC
• Stay with: Kim*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 4 hours

August 23rd – Greenville, SC
• Say hi to: Lauren*
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 23rd – Evans, GA
• Stay with: Molly*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 24th – Gainesville, FL
• Stay with: Lindsey*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 25th - Baton Rouge, LA
• Stay with: Heather*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 8 hours 45 minutes

August 26th – Houston, TX
• Stay with: Jill*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 7 hours

August 27th – Austin, TX
• Stay with: Carrie*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 3 hours

August 28th – El Paso, TX
• Stay with: Jen*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 8 hours

August 29th – Phoenix, AZ
• Stay with: Jacquie*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 6 hours

August 30th – St. George, UT
• Stay with: Laura*
• Date with:
• Travel time: 7 hours

August 31st – Provo, UT
• Travel time: 3.5 hours

September 1st – rest from my labors on Labor Day
September 2nd - back to school and work

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Unknown said...

I saw that you are staying with someone in denver maybe. I have a brother and a good friend there it it doesn't work out...and already have a date for that city.

oodlesofoversons said... I wish I knew some random single guy in Austin, TX or somewhere for you! You are a nut! I love blog-stalking you!

mandmstrong said...

The Strong family can't wait to see you!!! We'll keep looking for a hot young single amish boy : ) Sorry slim pickings out in the country.

bug girl said...

This is going to be out-of-control crazy. I hope you find dates for all the rest of the locations. Be sure to have fun and relax, too.

millie said...

WOW. Way to go. Of course you have it all planned out. Sorry I just live on the other side of town so I am not much help.

Erin said...

Wow, I am totally intrigued - since this is my first time checking out your blog! I might be able to find someone for the other cities you're looking for. I'll let you know!

hOLLIANN said...

Good luck on the trip! It sounds fun and very adventurous.

Danielle said...

No Idaho stops? C'mon, it may not be on the way but it'd be well worth your time, gas etc. So, maybe I'll find you a date here anyway...okay? Then we'll talk.

Skelley Family said...

WOW! You are going to be way busy! Dallen and I have a question for ya! What if you hit it off with one of the guys. You may want to spend more than a few hours with him. If so, then your schedule might get ruined. Maybe you thought of that and are okay with just meeting the man of your dreams, and then telling him, sorry, I have 20 more dates in the next month. I'll get back to you later! HA! We are dorks! Anyhow, we're working on our guy, but I haven't heard from him yet. But his name is Dave.

tookiecramer said...

Who is this Molly character in Price? She sounds shady. You need to stay with me!

Skelley Family said...


Anonymous said...

I'll check my date book...ok AM of the 16th it Mom's offer for a date is still on the table if you want his contact info...I vouch for nothing...aor