Friday, August 21, 2009

More triathlon pictures

Before ... checking out the swimming pool

Bring it...

Don't forget to stretch!

Here we go...

water please

the run is finally over - who looks the most tired?


coming in from the ride and ready for the swim

It's over and we are wet.

Thanks to Cam, Camille, and Emily for the pictures!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cooking for One with Katy - Episode #12

GYOSA with Kristi

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What did you call me?

Kmetzsch ... (its their last name, relax)

These are the Kmetzsch girls with the awesome Julie. These girls really really like BYU football. Last year I was invited to a couple of games. They always have tailgate parties and some form of player stalking ritual. Its a good time.
Check out some pics from last year HERE.

These girls took care of me when I tore my achilles tendon about four years ago. I love posting this picture cause I think it is really cool. Sorry if it grosses you out.

They would bring me food and we'd watch television or movies. In fact, we bonded over Big Brother. We still have BB parties every once in a while.

Like tonight - I got a call from these girls. They were coming to Provo to buy the new football t-shirt so I joined them on their trip to the bookstore. Kristin saw my post about how I lost my BYU ID so she found this for me:

We all got t-shirts.

When we walked out the rain was coming down and hard - you remember.

Then we watched as Jesse was voted out of the BB house due to Jeff's wizard power. It was a great episode.

On an unrelated topic, if you care - tell me if you like these new sunglasses. I'm debating about returning them. A simple thumbs up or thumbs down will do. Preciatecha ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

50 concerts I've been to...

I saw this tagging game of facebook. I couldn't quite get to 50 ... but I'm close.

1-New Kids on the Block, Marriott Center (are you proud I admitted it? - That is for you Holly)
2-Sting, Wolf Mountain
3-Sting, Delta Center
4-John Denver, Wolf Mountain
5-James Taylor, Park West
6-James Taylor, Wolf Mountain
7-Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, REO Speedwagon, Wolf Mountain
8- Steve Miller Band, Wolf Mountain
9- DMB, Wolf Mountain
10-U2, Delta Center
11-Cockteu Twins, SaltAir
12-Cranberries, SaltAir
13-Counting Crows, SaltAir
14-Jack Johnson, Usana
15-Def Leppard, Usana
16-Police, Usana
17-Indigo Girls, Wolf Mountain
18-Indigo Girls, Wolf Mountain
20-Indigo Girls, Huntsman Center
21-Indigo Girls, Red Butte
22-Indigo Girls, Kingsbury Hall
23-Indigo Girls, Mandalay Bay
24-Natalie Merchant, Kingsbury Hall
25-Tracy Chapman, Kingsbury Hall
26-REM, Delta Center
27-Fleetwood Mac, Delta Center
28-Barenaked Ladies, E Center
29-Barenaked Ladies, 2002 Olympics
30-Creed, 2002 Olympics
31-OMC, London
32-Wallflowers, London
30-Elton John, E Center
31-Alanis Morrisette, Delta Center
32-No Doubt, Delta Center
33-Pearl Jam, Boise
34-Pete Yorn, Club Xscape
35 - CCR, McKay Event Center
36- INXS, Delta Center
37- Chris Le Doo, Dee Events Center
38-Natalie Cole, Stadium of Fire (does that count?)
39-Dixie Chicks, Delta Center
40-Bob Schneider, Pflugerville
41-Bob Schneider, Galavan Center (does the count?)
42- Sheryl Crow, Bryce Jordan Center
43-Wilco, Kingsbury Hall
44-Michelle Malone, some club in SLC

My next post will be a list of those I still haven't seen but really want to.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green please

In case you didn't know ...

Green is my favorite color (and not because of Provo High).

Rachel knows it.

My new golf shoes.

My new toenails.

My new band aid.
Good thing I gave blood after the triathlon, no?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wanna wet one?

Jewel has been very concerned today about the change in my car - you know the pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. She thought that if someone looked in my car and saw all that money, they would want to break in and take it. She searched all over my car until she found these:

She placed the Wet Ones over the coins and seemed satisfied. We got out of the car and she stopped and exclaimed,

"What if someone wants a wet one?"

I couldn't stop laughing.

They're coming...

Today I've been hanging out with Jewel. We saw two movies, ran some errands, and ate out for lunch and dinner. These are the movies we saw based on Azucar's recommendations...

Let me just say this ... I'm a bit more inspired to get some more episodes of "Cooking for One with Katy" edited and posted. Also my good friend Rachel gave me these for my birthday:

so ... get excited because more episodes are coming although I cannot promise they will be as good as Julia Child's recipes.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wasn't too bad - sure glad I trained

More pictures to come in another post ...

Friday night Ann Dee, Cameron, Stacy, Van, and Asher and I slept at Leslie's house so we could avoid the drive in the morning. Van loved waking up at Leslie's house although he kept asking where she was. I think he knew he was going to have a fun day cause he was super happy that morning.

Preparation on Saturday morning:
  • bagels, cream cheese, and OJ from Dicks
  • dropping off Van and Asher at Sandy's house so they could play with Lucy and Jack
  • Setting up gear in transition area - thanks to my friend Casey for helping me
  • Casey's husband Tim pumping up my tires
  • pick up packet
  • body marking
  • timing chip
  • restroom
  • a few pictures
  • chatting with friends while waiting
Lets just say I was really glad that AD & SD stayed with me. For the first bit we were in dead last. In fact as we crossed through an intersection these cops were directing traffic and the one cop yelled to the other, "that should be the last until the bikes." I yelled back, "thanks for pointing that out." He waited a few seconds and yelled back, "you're welcome."

I had my watch all set so we could run 10 minutes and walk 1 minute but I felt good enough that I wanted to try and run the whole thing. AD & SD told me stories so I didn't have to talk but I could listen and keep my mind off the pain. It helped and I made it without walking at all. We even passed a few other stragglers. We had a good chat for a bit with a lady named Julietta. I was really glad to get this part over with first. I actually looked forward to the next two events.

It was so nice to hop on my new road bike and start the ride. It helped me so much mentally to have done the route the weekend before so I knew it wasn't going to be very hilly or hard. AD had a mountain bike so that part was really hard for her. We didn't keep together as well during the ride. It was kind of rude for me to leave AD on the bike portion after she had stayed back for me during the run. Running is her strong point and she could have kicked my butt. I wasn't that far ahead - only like a minute or two. In fact once I stripped down to my swim suit and started running to the pool I saw AD and SD in the transition area right behind me.

I ran to the pool in my suit and easily got my cap and goggles on. I hopped in.

This was nice. I passed a lot of people and not one person passed me. I think I paced myself well. I didn't stop to rest and was able to do free style the whole way. My time wasn't as good as I thought it would be but I did ok nonetheless. I was glad this part was last, even though Casey and Tim threatened to leave me some pee in the pool. It is a bit annoying to have so many other swimmers around but I just kept going and tried not the kick them in the face or get kicked in the face.

Cam finished well before all of us as did Casey and Tim. SD and AD were only two minutes behind me. Aaron, Chris, Gary, and Ethan (some of SD's friends) did a great job too.

It was so much fun that I'm committing to you all (anyone who follows my blog) that I will do another triathlon before the end of the year. It was nice to be able to say I was 32 even though in less than 24 hours I would be 33.

After a shower, we had a little birthday lunch at Sandy's house and I got to wear this bday hat and eat a yummy bday ice cream pie. Van got most of it in his mouth and only a little on the outside.

By the way - I will not report so many details in the future. Just for this first experience. Thanks for all the support friends!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ash Face

That is what I call this guy and maybe that is why he is mad:

Although I kind of doubt it. I think he likes to be called Ash face.

My first cousin once removed (that means her grandma and my mom are sisters. Or her mom is my cousin) took this picture and a bunch more. Check them out here.

Macy did a great job. She is very talented. She can sing your socks off, somehow get every American Fork Junior high kid to not only sing but love her for making them, and now she can take awesome photos too. She can even teach you a bit or two about photograph here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Has anyone seen my BYU ID?

I can't find it. And I want to find it cause if I don't, I'll have to pay $10 and take a new picture and I can't imagine looking any better than this:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is your comfort level?

"Please dress down to you comfort level." Massage Therapist

I used to have a membership at this place:

I loved it! But it just so happened that at some point I decided that I really couldn't afford that luxury every month so I quit. By the way - Sarah Anne at the American Fork location is worth the wait (and the money).

Well I recently learned that Provo College has a massage school and they have their students practice on real people (like me) on Friday nights and Saturday mornings for only $20. I decided to try them out. This past Saturday I went and had Marcello as my therapist. He did a great job. It was a bit different at Provo College - no private rooms, just curtains separating you from everyone else getting a massage at the same time. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable but I got over it.

The best part was that this day happened to be "two for one" and even though I was by myself the lady gave me half off. So I got an awesome, hour long massage for $10.

I used to be so nervous about massages. It made me nervous to think about a complete stranger touching me. A few years ago I decided to just try it. Let me tell you this - I not only got over my concerns but I signed up that day for a membership. If you have never had a massage - you should try it. Maybe you won't like it, but I kind of doubt it.

SO... what is my comfort level?

Tri training update here (its on Saturday folks)!