Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green please

In case you didn't know ...

Green is my favorite color (and not because of Provo High).

Rachel knows it.

My new golf shoes.

My new toenails.

My new band aid.
Good thing I gave blood after the triathlon, no?


hOLLIANN said...

Rachel of course looks amazing, as do you...and I just have to give my kudos for the cutest gift ever. A lot classier that I would have done. I am sure I would have turned the apron into a revealing bikini or something tasteless like that! Anyways, I loved it! So cute, what a great friend.

Megan said...

The green toenails are questionable.

Kimberly Pace Henderson said...

I will buy an apron if your friend starts selling them. With your two thousand friends on facebook she could make a killing.

Naomi said...

Those aprons rock.