Wednesday, August 12, 2009

50 concerts I've been to...

I saw this tagging game of facebook. I couldn't quite get to 50 ... but I'm close.

1-New Kids on the Block, Marriott Center (are you proud I admitted it? - That is for you Holly)
2-Sting, Wolf Mountain
3-Sting, Delta Center
4-John Denver, Wolf Mountain
5-James Taylor, Park West
6-James Taylor, Wolf Mountain
7-Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, REO Speedwagon, Wolf Mountain
8- Steve Miller Band, Wolf Mountain
9- DMB, Wolf Mountain
10-U2, Delta Center
11-Cockteu Twins, SaltAir
12-Cranberries, SaltAir
13-Counting Crows, SaltAir
14-Jack Johnson, Usana
15-Def Leppard, Usana
16-Police, Usana
17-Indigo Girls, Wolf Mountain
18-Indigo Girls, Wolf Mountain
20-Indigo Girls, Huntsman Center
21-Indigo Girls, Red Butte
22-Indigo Girls, Kingsbury Hall
23-Indigo Girls, Mandalay Bay
24-Natalie Merchant, Kingsbury Hall
25-Tracy Chapman, Kingsbury Hall
26-REM, Delta Center
27-Fleetwood Mac, Delta Center
28-Barenaked Ladies, E Center
29-Barenaked Ladies, 2002 Olympics
30-Creed, 2002 Olympics
31-OMC, London
32-Wallflowers, London
30-Elton John, E Center
31-Alanis Morrisette, Delta Center
32-No Doubt, Delta Center
33-Pearl Jam, Boise
34-Pete Yorn, Club Xscape
35 - CCR, McKay Event Center
36- INXS, Delta Center
37- Chris Le Doo, Dee Events Center
38-Natalie Cole, Stadium of Fire (does that count?)
39-Dixie Chicks, Delta Center
40-Bob Schneider, Pflugerville
41-Bob Schneider, Galavan Center (does the count?)
42- Sheryl Crow, Bryce Jordan Center
43-Wilco, Kingsbury Hall
44-Michelle Malone, some club in SLC

My next post will be a list of those I still haven't seen but really want to.


Molly said...

Very impressive! I don't think I would even break 20. But I did go see Lionel Richie's Dancin' On The Ceiling tour for my first ever concert, so that's pretty cool, right? :)

bids2calvin said...

I think #7 counts as three and do you think you like IG just a little?