Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is your comfort level?

"Please dress down to you comfort level." Massage Therapist

I used to have a membership at this place:

I loved it! But it just so happened that at some point I decided that I really couldn't afford that luxury every month so I quit. By the way - Sarah Anne at the American Fork location is worth the wait (and the money).

Well I recently learned that Provo College has a massage school and they have their students practice on real people (like me) on Friday nights and Saturday mornings for only $20. I decided to try them out. This past Saturday I went and had Marcello as my therapist. He did a great job. It was a bit different at Provo College - no private rooms, just curtains separating you from everyone else getting a massage at the same time. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable but I got over it.

The best part was that this day happened to be "two for one" and even though I was by myself the lady gave me half off. So I got an awesome, hour long massage for $10.

I used to be so nervous about massages. It made me nervous to think about a complete stranger touching me. A few years ago I decided to just try it. Let me tell you this - I not only got over my concerns but I signed up that day for a membership. If you have never had a massage - you should try it. Maybe you won't like it, but I kind of doubt it.

SO... what is my comfort level?

Tri training update here (its on Saturday folks)!

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HollyWood said...

my guess - buck naked.