Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Sex and the City

On Saturday night because of the big game my best single friends (I talk to each one on a weekly basis) came together to support me and the lady cavemen (Ann Dee and Gabe were there too). It was the first time that two of them had ever met. In spite of the crap we ate at Applebees, and the grieving Katy (every day gets a bit easier), we had fun. Thats when I got this idea ...

The four of us would meet for lunch once a week and we'd be like these girls (I get to be Miranda):

Then I thought about starting a blog called "No Sex and the City" for single LDS women in their thirties. Since I'm the only blogger out of the four of us, I'm reluctant. I do have more friends that fit this demographic who are bloggers so it might work.

What do you think?

Monday, February 25, 2008

We believe in being honest ...

Tonight when I checked my mail I was pleased to find this:

Apparently I paid too much in closing fees this summer when I bought my condo and so they are giving it back to me. I was thrilled. I appreciate them being honest because I would have never known that they owed me $200.

So I took the check and was going to put it in my wallet so I would remember to cash it tomorrow but I could not find my wallet anywhere. I searched everywhere - car, office, bathroom, fridge, pantry, bedroom, closet, hamper. So I retraced my steps. I know I had it tonight when I bought some groceries at Smiths so I called them up and sure enough they had it.

The lady told me that a very nice old man had turned it in. She said he had tried to look me up in the phone book and wanted her to look up my fresh values card information. She reassured him that I'd be back for it. I'm happy that people are honest because now I'm $200 richer and I have a place to keep the cash.

I was careless about my wallet tonight because I was grocery shopping with my good friend Shanna. We had a good time agreeing to disagree on the things I placed in my shopping cart. She's not so sure about intuitive eating.

Shanna is a good person - always wanting to improve something, learn something new, serve someone etc. We were in the MTC at the same time and when I saw her it felt like home. She is a good example to me in many ways and always has been. Right now she is an example of how to endure WELL some hard times.

Thanks honest people and thanks Shanna.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Worst in the League

This place is the worst in the league. We ate there tonight after the game and it was sick.

We are not the worst in the league - actually we're 2nd in state.

Skyline 60, AF 56

We had a successful season.

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable." John Wooden

Before the game Coach Clayton read from this book by John Wooden to the girls. This is what he read:

"Before our team left the locker room and entered the arena, whether it was the first game of a high school season with boys named Rzeszewski, Kozoroski, and Smith or the last game of an NCAA championship season with young men named Walton, Wilkes, and Meyers, my final words were always about the same: "When it's over, I want your heads up. And there's only one way your heads can be up - that's to give it your best out there, everything you have."

And that's what these girls did.

Here are some photos:

This morning the team had breakfast at one of the girl's homes and I gave them all tattoos.

Coach Clayton's son, nephew, and dad.

You could tell that our fans liked our team a lot more than Skyline's fans like their team.

These are my people that came to watch the Lady Cavemen tonight because they love me. Thanks.

Friday, February 22, 2008

One more to go ...

AF 51, Jordan 42

This is where I draw the line...

I'll wear these glasses in the locker room but I refuse to wear them during the game.

This is for real ... once in a life time opportunity. We are in the state championship game Saturday night at 8:00 PM against Skyline. We played them already this year and beat them. Read about it here and here.

Seriously, why would you miss this one?

This is it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And then there were four

beat Davis.
beat Timpanogos.
beat PG.
American Fork beat Bingham - last years state champs. I could devote a whole post to Bingham's coach and his crazy rules and philosophies but I won't cause I'm tired.

AF 70, Bingham 53

Notice the sword.

This morning American Fork High School had a pep assembly and they presented our girls with the region trophy - again, notice the sword. It was fun to watch our girls be honored but the assembly was BORING. I remember our pep assemblies being way fun with funny competitions between grades. Maybe I remember it that way because I'm pretty sure I always planned those pep assemblies.

By the way, it really is time for you to come and watch.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One down ...

AF 61, Layton 27

We beat Layton today. Now we play Bingham (last year's state champs) on Thursday at 6:00 PM. Only 8 teams left (Bingham, AF, PG, Jordan, Davis, Skyline, Riverton, Timpanogos).

Notice that 3 of the 4 teams that went to state from our region are still alive - AF, PG and Timpanogos. Who is that one team that got knocked off? Hmm... could it be Lone Peak?

Ok - so I should act my age. Maybe I will next week when this is all over.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A friend of a friend of a friend

Last night I got to sit in these sweet seats and watch BYU whoop up on UNLV - it was fun.

had these tickets and I so I got to go - thanks for all the free food. Its all about who you know.

Of course you can always get great seats at the women's games. Another reason why you should be a fan of girls bball!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best in the League

In case you were wondering what I decided to do about coaching ...

Here is your answer:

I show up to every game even though I cannot make the practices and I sit on the bench in between two bald guys and it makes my long, strawberry blond hair look so pretty.

I play up all the girl's superstitions...

Haley has to wear these cowboy boots with sweats to every game.

Kaycee has to rub the lucky quarter before every game and then I have to hold it during the entire game.

Nikki makes me wear hair elastics on my right wrist.

Cyd makes sure that a group of them eat breakfast at Daylight Donuts every game day.

This is the best one. Amy made this sword out of tinfoil and athletic tape and she has me "knight" her right before they call her name on the bench as a starter. Then I have to hold the sword for the entire game - unless of course we are playing LP cause they are the knights - duh.

Do I do these silly things? Of course I do because I love these girls.

PS - We're the best in the league.


I'll keep you updated - don't worry! Or you could come to our games - that would be more fun for you guaranteed! Click on the bracket to see when and where these girls play.

Oh and one more thing, my niece Kristi took some of these photos - she's our sophomore coach.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bald Eagle Day

The Bean sponsored another successful bird watching "Nature Experienceship" today with Mr. Webb. Enlarge that photo - it'll be worth it!

This time Jewel came too - we're both wearing our Bald Eagle day pins.

Here is Mr. Webb teaching the state wildlife guy a few things.
Mr Webb can make you feel like you are the smartest person around and that you just spotted the most awesome bird of the day.

Here is some of the SWAG:

Oh and guess who was there ...

What did you do today? Oh the worldwide leadership meeting? SUCKER ...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freaking Funny Folks

Larry and Jewel crack me up. Here's why...

Today I got home from work and wanted to go to P712 for dinner so I walked down the hall and rang the doorbell to #606. I didn't wait for someone to answer - I never do. I burst in and exclaimed, "Lets go to Pizzeria 712 for dinner," Larry and Jewel just sat there looking at me. It was strange so then I said, "You look like you have something to tell me." That's when Larry, in a calm and serious voice, said ...

"WE'RE PREGNANT." I about died.

Well the real reason that they just stared at me was because little did I know but they had already eaten there for lunch. Did they go again to be with me? Heck yes they did - love them!

Well my mom and I decided that we wanted to have the smores for dessert but dear old dad (as she calls him) can't have sweet things cause of the diabetes so I told him that it really wasn't that good anyway - as I was basically licking the dish. That's when Jewel exclaimed, "Your pants are on fire!" Again, I about died.

Who knew they were so funny - even when they are trying to be?