Saturday, February 2, 2008

And Soopy was his name OH

When I was a Freshman at BYU I took an oil painting class and one of our assignments was to paint something from our childhood. I painted a picture of Soopy - my most vivid memory. I would walk home from Wasatch Elementary and this dog would stand on the balcony of my neighbor's home and bark at me. I was too scared to walk by him so I would turn and walk all the way around the block to avoid him.

This painting hangs on the wall above the toilet in my guest bathroom.

The following exerpt was taken from my personal history that I put together for my mom and dad for Christmas:

When I was little there was a girl who was two years older than me that lived across the street named LB. Ann Dee and I played with her and she would always have this dumb little dog with her named Soopy. Soopy was not her dog, it was another neighbor’s dog and I was terrified of him. I hated Soopy and he would always bark at me. LB thought it was funny and so she would say, “sick her” all the time and I really thought that Soopy was going to "sick me". Whenever we played with LB, I’d make Ann Dee go over there first and then call me at 377-9083 and let me know if Soopy was there or not. Then I’d go over if it was safe. My mom used to make Ann Dee and I take some meat cuttings to Susan Ream’s dogs. She lived on Briar and that was seriously the scariest thing in the world to me because although she never let her dogs near us they would come to the door and bark when we rang the doorbell and they were BIG dogs. I HATED HATED HATED doing that but my mom was all about facing your fears.

The other morning on my walk with Larry these two dogs were let out I'm sure to go pee or something and they came running over to me and started barking and jumping up on me. I froze, closed my eyes, grabbed Larry by the arm and started saying, "Save me, save me". I was terrified.

That very day at work my student employees at the museum (the ones who give the live animal shows) were joking about how they were going to sneak a snake into my office. I overheard them and I proceeded to give them a big lecture about being sensitive to people's phobias - I even told them the story of my walk with Larry and about the dogs that jumped up on me. I could tell that they didn't really relate.

When I was a missionary, the first thing I always told my new companions was that they were responsible to keep the dogs away from me whenever we went into a home with dogs. Luckily I never had a companion that was as scared of dogs as I was so this plan worked.

This photo was copied from Naomi's blog

My favorite all time movie is the Sound of Music. I think I like it so much because I could always relate to the song "My Favorite Things". Remember the line ... "when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad ...".

It was months before I finally went over to Sam's house when they first got their dog, Roxie.

I'm starting to wonder if this is a problem that I need to face. I have a hard time feeling compassion for people who are sad about the passing of their pets. I mean they tell me that their dog was a member of their family but I really just don't get that - it's a dog. I know this is a controversial subject so please don't be offended. When Vega died on Halloween and I sorta joked a bit about it at a work meeting, I could tell that some of my student employees at the Bean (the hard core animal lovers) did not appreciate my humor. It seems that I need to be a bit more sensitive too.

One of my friends told me recently that I needed to get a dog so I could learn to be more affectionate. While this plan may work just think how gross that would be. I might learn to be more affectionate but then what? I start hugging everyone while I'm all covered in dog hair? SICK!

Remember that being offended is a choice especially when no offense is intended.

Do I have a problem?


Skelley Family said...

I totally remember you telling me that dogs weren't your favorite animal and that you were frightened by them. I think I'll go read my mission journal and see if we ran into any, and if I protected you or not!
I'm just gonna say, you don't have a problem, everyone has fears. I don't recommend you getting a dog, especially an inside dog. For me, dog hair, everywhere, hello... I've been there and done that and will not do it again. (When we had our bulldog, my husband talked me into having her in the house. I can't believe I gave in!)Arf!Arf!
Hey, I love the oil painting of Soopy. You have alot of talent. I thought you painted him like he was nice and not scary. Maybe deep, deep, down you loved him. Hello, you painted him.

Katy said...

Ponty reminds me of the time I stuck my arm up the butt of a cow all in the name of education - I was going to make a documentary for my biology students. I quit teaching before I ever did. I need to get that footage out! That experience warrants a post all to itself! Stay tuned!

Mary said...

I haven't talked to LB since my 10 year high school reunion- Oh, the memories! I was very touched by your painting of Soopy as I always thought he was sweet- his bark was much bigger than his bite. And he was much better than "Peanut"- the Rowley's yappy dog!

As for facing your fear of dogs,I think you should work on it only when YOU are ready and motivated. If you're doing it for anybody else you'll just resent it.

JACK-A-JAME? said...

Katy- I am totally scared of dogs to actually I really dislike them so of course they come immediately to me before any dog lover who is around. My husband has been begging me for a dog since we got married but under no conditions can it come in the house- so I guess we are not getting a do in while we live in UTah! I am always hearing crap like - if you don't like pets you are not a compassionate person - yada yada.. don't believe it. Car

kristi said...

I HATE dogs (and most other animals), and I'm not ashamed to say it.

PS-what happened to "Movie Quote Monday"???

A and R said...

you little artist you! I never knew! Good job! Not a fan of having pets at all...nope.

Kenon said...

Are you only friends with animal haters? Interesting...

bug girl said...

My family had a dog when we were little, it was the best dog ever. But I also have phobias of dogs too, regardless of the-best-dog-ever, because I know no other dog is as great as he was and that means all other dogs have the potential to rip my jugular vein from my neck (or just nip my hand or achilles tendon). I mainly have a phobia of their slobber and hair, I can't stand it! Don't get a dog until you have a big yard for it to play in and lots of time to spend with it.

As for sensitivity when an animal dies, I have no tact. I would have snickered if I was in the meeting and said some sort of irreverent comment too.

Anonymous said...

oh, my gosh. i totally remember your soopy painting from when noelle and i would go down to provo to visit danielle. anyway, i've grown up with dogs my whole life, rats too...maybe if you grow up with them, you just, aren't afraid of them? i've had my lab, toby, for almost 14 years, he's my fishing buddy. sometimes i think he's human. are you scared of puppies too? or just adult dogs?

Stookey Family said...

kates i can relate to this.i have a huge fear of bees and i mean serious, intense cronic, fear of them. And wouldn't you know i swear its because of this that every summer since we have had any house we get wasp nest anywhere that i have to walk everyday. for instance in our condo we had 2 on our deck i didn't go out there for an intire year and that reminds me that they would get into the condo i would call steve home from WORK to kill them while Regan and i were locked up in my bedroom and one time we stayed there for and hour. Then our last house we had a shed well needless to say we never used it becuase wouldn't you know it was FUll of wasp nest. Now our current house has at lease 7 nest every summer around our deck. I have a pest company that comes every 4 weeks and sprays them and knocks them down but they keep coming back!!! you should see me mow the lawn around the deck its a show it tell you. mostly i leave this huge wide swath of grass around the deck and have steve do it when he gets home from work. I need theorpy. I go hikeing every summer with my day and you will never see me move so fast untill you see me even hear a bee or hornet or wasp. we this was a post i should have put on my own blog perhaps i will. Kate thanks for listoning.

Stookey Family said...

my spelling sucks