Sunday, February 24, 2008

Worst in the League

This place is the worst in the league. We ate there tonight after the game and it was sick.

We are not the worst in the league - actually we're 2nd in state.

Skyline 60, AF 56

We had a successful season.

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable." John Wooden

Before the game Coach Clayton read from this book by John Wooden to the girls. This is what he read:

"Before our team left the locker room and entered the arena, whether it was the first game of a high school season with boys named Rzeszewski, Kozoroski, and Smith or the last game of an NCAA championship season with young men named Walton, Wilkes, and Meyers, my final words were always about the same: "When it's over, I want your heads up. And there's only one way your heads can be up - that's to give it your best out there, everything you have."

And that's what these girls did.

Here are some photos:

This morning the team had breakfast at one of the girl's homes and I gave them all tattoos.

Coach Clayton's son, nephew, and dad.

You could tell that our fans liked our team a lot more than Skyline's fans like their team.

These are my people that came to watch the Lady Cavemen tonight because they love me. Thanks.


i i eee said...


Applebee's blows.

Mary said...

I like that quote. Congrats, Lady Cavemen on a very successful season!

Naomi said...

I dislike Applebee's. I hate Chili's more.

Why do people eat there?

Regardless, congrats!

i i eee said...

I hate Chili's too! Oh Mona, let's be friends.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Congrats to you and your team Katy!

If only you could beat Applebee's too.

Dan said...

Woulda been there, Tater, but ACL surgery happened. You gals should win it next year.

Stookey Family said...

good to see your team came in second to THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD!!!

Katy said...

Not quite ready to have skyline fans comment on my blog - sheesh Niks!