Monday, February 25, 2008

We believe in being honest ...

Tonight when I checked my mail I was pleased to find this:

Apparently I paid too much in closing fees this summer when I bought my condo and so they are giving it back to me. I was thrilled. I appreciate them being honest because I would have never known that they owed me $200.

So I took the check and was going to put it in my wallet so I would remember to cash it tomorrow but I could not find my wallet anywhere. I searched everywhere - car, office, bathroom, fridge, pantry, bedroom, closet, hamper. So I retraced my steps. I know I had it tonight when I bought some groceries at Smiths so I called them up and sure enough they had it.

The lady told me that a very nice old man had turned it in. She said he had tried to look me up in the phone book and wanted her to look up my fresh values card information. She reassured him that I'd be back for it. I'm happy that people are honest because now I'm $200 richer and I have a place to keep the cash.

I was careless about my wallet tonight because I was grocery shopping with my good friend Shanna. We had a good time agreeing to disagree on the things I placed in my shopping cart. She's not so sure about intuitive eating.

Shanna is a good person - always wanting to improve something, learn something new, serve someone etc. We were in the MTC at the same time and when I saw her it felt like home. She is a good example to me in many ways and always has been. Right now she is an example of how to endure WELL some hard times.

Thanks honest people and thanks Shanna.


i i eee said...

This post makes me happy. Thanks for sharing.

p.s. Shanna is so very beautiful.

Lindsey said...

Props to the honesty of strangers, the bravery of friends and to the Lady Cavemen basketball team.

I'm out.

Rack me.

Ann Dee said...

I guess I'm not the only one who loses stuff. Hmmm. Can I have 50$?

Kenon said...

I love good news.

Unknown said...

I just talked to Aimee Hodges Cooper last weekend, who filled me in on Shanna! How do I get in touch with her? E-mail address? Blog?
She looks great! I'd love to talk to her!

Baxter's said...

This would be in contrast to my sister Emily's last few busted into, wallet stolen, credit card fraud...etc...Good ol' Provo...there is somethin to be said for P-town.

Baxter's said...

PS...hang in there lady cavemen...the sharp sting turns into a dull ache over time, a lot of time.