Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best in the League

In case you were wondering what I decided to do about coaching ...

Here is your answer:

I show up to every game even though I cannot make the practices and I sit on the bench in between two bald guys and it makes my long, strawberry blond hair look so pretty.

I play up all the girl's superstitions...

Haley has to wear these cowboy boots with sweats to every game.

Kaycee has to rub the lucky quarter before every game and then I have to hold it during the entire game.

Nikki makes me wear hair elastics on my right wrist.

Cyd makes sure that a group of them eat breakfast at Daylight Donuts every game day.

This is the best one. Amy made this sword out of tinfoil and athletic tape and she has me "knight" her right before they call her name on the bench as a starter. Then I have to hold the sword for the entire game - unless of course we are playing LP cause they are the knights - duh.

Do I do these silly things? Of course I do because I love these girls.

PS - We're the best in the league.


I'll keep you updated - don't worry! Or you could come to our games - that would be more fun for you guaranteed! Click on the bracket to see when and where these girls play.

Oh and one more thing, my niece Kristi took some of these photos - she's our sophomore coach.


kristi said...

sweet pics-you're welcome..

The Roberts Family said...

Go Lady Cavemen! It just doesn't sound right...

Kenon said...

WAHOO!!!!!!! Go Cavewomen!

bug girl said...

Hey Katy, I am glad to see you are still coaching. I would have loved you as my basketball coach. I bet you never throw keys as hard as you can at the girls heads' during halftime when they aren't winning.

Oh, by the way, I tagged you. The rules are on my blog.

Skelley Family said...

You are the awesomest! I totally wish I could sit between 2 bald men! I wish I could go to every game. I miss AFHS. I knew you were always a caveman! We need to play a little one on one! Ya know, to see if we still got it!
I heart you!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I'd be even more excited for if you if you were coaching the Bulldogs! Jen

Ace said...

It's hard to stay away from the cool Cavemen. :)