Monday, May 25, 2009

A rant ...

  • Kobe/LeBron
  • Dogs
  • Girls BBall
  • People who don't like hot dogs
  • Shaving legs
  • Building that block Timpanogos
  • BYU student ticket officers

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Philadelphia - last day (Rocky stairs)

This is a little late. I've been home from Philadelphia for a few weeks now. But anyway, the last day I went with this lady on a little adventure.

Meet Rieta - my boss' wife.

We walked a good two miles to get to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and we didn't even go in.

We saw things things on our way - the love statue, the thinker and some lichen.

We both ran up the stairs of the museum like that boxer guy.

Yup - that guy.

I have started to train like Rocky for the triathlon. I've stopped now - it's got a little too "million dollar babyish." Enjoy this video.

By the way, Friday after work I completed my very own triathlon. Read about it here on my Intuitive Eating blog.

I wanted to document a few more things about that trip. First the iphone map application was so awesome to use in a big city especially when you have no car. It uses GPS to guide you as you walk - loved it.

The last keynote speaker was great.

His name is Malcolm Gladwell and he talked about how hard work and determination is more important than raw talent. It was truly inspirational.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cooking for One with Katy - Episode #11

Here you are ... sorry this took me so long. I'm looking for more guest cooks. Let me know if you want to share your cooking skills.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25 Things you guys said about me - #2

OK folks ...

Don't worry a rant is coming. I'm working on it.

Only Kristi wanted to see my bird list so I'll just email her a copy.

Erica - someday you will see BDAA footage. I promise.

Another Cooking for One episode is coming ... in fact I have the footage from my new episode and just need to edit it and post. Holly and I shot this one a few months ago.

YES - that Holly. The one that mentioned how I didn't know the word "word" while playing Jeopardy on the computer back in 1993 or somewhere around that time. But she didn't either. We were both having a brain fart.

Yes that did happen. I remember that I always named my contestant Hugh Jass cause I thought it was sooo funny. You know - Bart Simpson style. I also remember writing a script for an assembly in high school and included that joke. The principal that reviewed the script missed it so our inappropriate joke passed. Ha!

I'm going to start by giving you my take on the 25 random things you all said about me - as I said I would and as Lezlie wants me to. This was item #2.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What do you want from me?

You tell me what to post next ...
  • a new "cooking for one" episode
  • pictures from my busy weekend
  • a list of birds I've seen this year so far
  • a rant
  • a post about my home improvement projects
  • something else - you tell me
  • maybe some footage from BDAA (I haven't even looked at it since I got home last summer)
FYI - I did post a new tri training update here

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Philadelphia - Day 3

Today ...
  • More conference sessions
  • Another cheesesteak
  • A jog/walk for 45 minutes - yes 45 minutes

A T-shirt for Sam

A T-shirt for Dan

A T-shirt for me

BY THE WAY - Hey Bulldogs, what's your number?

If you answered 94 then click here and come to our reunion this summer.
You won't want to miss it. I promise!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Philadelphia - Day 2

Today was mostly museum stuff (besides a bike ride and a swim).

I learned in my first session that our museum should get a twitter account. This inspired me to start using my own account more. So I've been twittering today quite a bit. Follow me here.

Then the general session featured author, Walter Isaacson.

He wrote books about Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. He mostly talked about Einstein. Wow - what an amazing life. I bought both of these books - signed copies mind you. I plan to give them away - no I'm not having a contest on my blog. I already know who they are going to.

Then I had lunch at this totally awesome market with every kind of food you could imagine. It is on Market street and 12th. I think I'll eat all the rest of my meals here.

That afternoon I went to a session about collaboration and they had us make a car together with play dough. Yes they did.

Tonight we went to a special event at the Academy of Natural History and took a tour of their Live Animal Center. They have about 100 live animals. The Bean only has 17 or so but we are OK with that. We don't feel bad.

We went through their butterfly farm. Cool but not nearly as impressive as this one - remember?

This is a Peregrine Falcon, the head of a turtle and a legless lizard.

oh and this was our tour guide.

My favorite part by far was the cockroach racing we got to watch.

Check out this video:

One more thing: I got my tax return today so I'm extra happy.