Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You should never love something ...


As I drove away from the dealership on Monday. Larry decided it was time to teach me this very important lesson in life.

Well - I was so excited about my new car that I didn't even say goodbye to this old friend. Ironically earlier that day I was joking around about how silly I thought it was that an employee had asked to spend some time with the museum's animals to say goodbye. And now here I am dedicating a whole post to a non-living thing.

So this post is in honor of the second car (and yes, second Volkswagen) I have ever owned.

I bought this car in 2002 and a few months later drove her all the way to Pennsylvania where I was happy to drive around State College with a UT license plate.

Thank you for the memories. Here are a few:
  • Trying to get friends and family to call you Coleoptera (Insect order for beetle) - it never did stick
  • Waiting and waiting for the dealership to fix your automatic window on the drivers side - I drove backwards through the Crest drive up more than once
  • Watching kids hit each other and then yell "Slug bug silver"
  • Dozen or so road trips to St. George/Vegas - especially that one when we brought back Vega
  • Rolling down hills cause your emergency brake wasn't very reliable - check out this video
  • BDAA - just you and me Beetle - good times

Meet my new lover ...
Hoping this relationship will last 10+

What do you think?