Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Cooking For One - here is my excuse

OK - so I have footage for 4 episodes for "Cooking For One with Katy" but I have not even looked at the footage. I have a very good reason...

I've been training for this big triathlon on August 8th and like I knew would happen, I have become a bit obsessed about it. I even let Ann Dee talk me into doing a 28 day cleanse for the month before the race. I only agreed because she said she'd do the triathlon with me and I thought perhaps it would help me get ready.

SO - can you imagine me sitting at my computer editing footage of all these yummy meals being prepared knowing I can't eat any of it? I know it is selfish ... but I gotta look out for number one on this.

I do promise to have all four of these episodes in the month of August. Here are what they are so you can get excited ...
  • Gyosa with Kristi
  • Home made brownies with Naomi
  • Emergency essentials yummy treat with McCall
  • Quesadillas with CJane
For now, if you are at all interested in the details of my training ... click here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

He sang while I ran

In the past I have found comfort in making fun of or even disparaging my personal trainer. Well today he did something that really endeared him to me.

Lets set this up ...
For some reason when the company that runs the personal trainers at the Golds gym went digital they lost track of exactly how many sessions I had credit for. Anyway - it was a big mess and I'm pretty sure I'm getting screwed. The bottom line is, I have a bunch of sessions that I need to use by the end of July or they go away and I don't get credit for them. So in order to use them, I've been doing hour long sessions with Eric. We lift for the first half hour (like normal) and then we do some cardio interval training. This is killer. I hate it. Last time was biking. Today was jogging on the treadmill. I'm not a good runner. I thought I was going to die. Plus the treadmill scares me. Well during the last minute of my last interval I really thought this was it. I was done. He started singing to me - "she's a maniac" and then humming the theme from Rocky (I don't event think he's seen my training video). It made me laugh and I was able to finish. This guy is kinda shy and quiet so for him to do this was a bit unusual.

OK folks - I've committed. August 8th (the day before I turn 33) I am going to complete this triathlon in Bountiful.

To get ready for this event, I've signed up to run in the 5K Freedom Run on Saturday and participate in the Moonlight Bike Ride on Antelope Island next Friday.

I also discovered that there is a special faculty and staff swim time at BYU from noon-1 PM. Way less crowded than in the morning plus I don't have to wake up at 5 freaking thirty anymore!

25 Things you guys said about me - #3

More than one person commented on my wardrobe back in high school. Yes I wore Gerbois jeans and yes I loved bright, big rugby shirts and most of them came from the J Crew catalog. Here are some pics showing off my awesomeness from more than 15 years ago. This is also in honor of the STOMP we had last week end. GO BULLDOGS

loved this shirt - had a blue version of it too. In fact I wore this one well into college.

Ary + KT = TLA
nothing more to say about his one

I actually still own this rugby shirt. I take it with me to outdoor concerts. I just do. I loved that hat but I think Reuben stole it. I believe this picture was at one of the famous stomps.

Green was my favorite color - thus this became one of my favoirte shirts. These girls are still my home girls. Wendy - the queen of the slopes and the river, CJane - well you know her, and Amber - mother of 7 (triplets and twins).

Hanging on the heaters - they don't exist anymore. I made these "boxers" in clothing with Mrs. Price. Loved them. I used to sit on these heaters with Melinda and as boys walked by we would try to decide if they were wearing boxers and butt huggers (sometimes we called them tighty whiteies). Ah good times.

I remember getting this rugby shirt for Christmas and wearing it the first day back and at least three other people had the same shirt that day.

I couldn't find a picture of me wearing my Gerbois jeans so I found this one of BJ's girlfriend - you know, Keri N.

Katy and Katie or Katie times two or Katie squared

I stole this one from my brother's closet. Loved it too.

Can't really tell but it is polo - the little guy on the horse is cut off.

So that post should have addressed the following comments:

  1. Before Katy left on a 2 year mission she put all of her precious clothing (rugbys) in a box with a LOCK on it so little sister Ann Dee could not wear them while she was away. Actually I locked up my CDs - I trusted my siblings with my clothing but not my CDs.
  2. Remember in the 90's the cool pants were Geurbois (I don't remember how it is spelled) you know the pants I am talking about, they had the white label on the front zipper. Anyway, they had a skinny long pocket in the leg by the knee. Katy used that pocket to hold feminine hygiene products. This is true - I loved to keep tampons in those pockets and I loved to make boys feel dumb by trying to get them to guess what I kept in there.
  3. BTW, I somehow broke the lock or something because while Katy was on her mission she saw a picture of Tamara Pace (Kim's sister) wearing one of her precious rugbys. Oh the horror . . . This was actually in high school - Kim had taken one of my shirts from my closet and one day at school I saw Tam Pace (an older and cooler girl) wearing my rugby. Boy did Ann Dee feel the pain and probably Kim too.
  4. Also, Katy kept J Crew stock holders very happy in the 1990s. My mom thought it was much easier to order over the phone than to get out and shop. Mostly J Crew but sometimes Eddie Bauer - I still keep their stock holders very happy.

Triathlon training update HERE