Thursday, August 16, 2007

My education ...

I should be writing a paper right now - it is due by 5:00 PM. Instead I found these old slides from my preschool days. This is how my schooling all began - at Peter Pan Preschool. I don't remember too much about preschool but I know I loved it. I do remember those great people that I spent preschool - 12th grade with. We share so many memories.

Here are a few from Wasatch Elementary:

May Pole dance
Mrs Busco's diahrama project
Eating lunch with the kids from Oakridge
Chinese jumprope
Summer of the Monkeys read by Mrs. Frazier
Four square
Kick ball
War ball (also known as Dodge ball)
"Its the best school in the land"
"Today's good students make tomorrow's good citizens"
School lunch
long division
County, State, Country Fairs in the gym
PATI (Pay attention to instructions) - Mr. Metz
Mrs. Lee's scary story telling times
Lunch duty - it was so cool
Flag duty - it was also so cool
Student of the day
Performing over the intercom
Anne Elizabeth

Am I forgetting anything?

Everyone had a crush on BJC. Is that CWE - I heart that girl!!!

Hey PVL "XYZ - PDQ" !!!


Carina said...

Holy Cow! Skagg's!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it.

Megan said...

I'm still laughing! Hilarious!

Rain in My Head said...

It all started with a pole dance. . .very interesting? :) You are the cutest little girl ever! love the pics.

Ann Dee said...

I kicked butt at the Skagg's easter egg hunt.

Kris and BJ said...
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Kris and BJ said...

WOW!!! I was brushing my teeth and almost choked on my tooth brush. Peter Pan Nurshrey...I can't believe you have this throwback. I am not sure what to even say except, WOW!!!
At least my zipper was not down during graduation like PLinz.
Good to see you too, and keep that girls squad winnin. Go AF!