Sunday, August 12, 2007

My birthday par

Last year on August 9th, Dan and Sam and I golfed at Sleepy Ridge. It was the first time I had ever played nine holes. Prior to that I only hit balls at the driving range. It was fun and I have been golfing many times since then. This year on August 9th, I golfed with Dan and Joe (Sam couldn't get away from work) at Sleepy Ridge. I was a lot better this year - I got two legitimate (I didn't throw the ball onto the fairway) bogies. I could have even gotten par on both of these holes if I could putt worth a darn. I've never earned par on a hole in my life. I have gotten a birdie once but that was lucky and I had a professional caddy (Lisa) coach me.

On the 8th hole, Dan was just about to get par. When he took his last shot he told me that this was my birthday par. I laughed and said thanks. He was serious - he gave me par. Check out the score card.

These are other people that I spent time with last Thursday.

I'm glad that August 9, 2007 is over - for me, turning 31 (twenty eleven) was harder than turning 30. When Stacy told me that is was past midnight and no longer my birthday, I was relieved.


Lindsey said...

You know, you can get DQ'd for lying on your scorecard, Katy....just ask Sergio.

And as for putting..all you do is just "taaaaaap it in, just taaaaap it in". At least that's what I hear.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Katy B!!! We need to come see you at the Bean museum sometime... I think ry and I might try to go sometime this month. We'll come say hi!!!

Tolly & Lennon said...

Clever title.

Ace said...

Katy (with a Y!) I'm glad to see you have a blog too. I have one because I'm really bad at journal writing and don't have the patience to scrapbook. If you get the chance drop me a line. I hope your new job is treating you well!

Kris Jennings

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Karlee--her mom is worthless and forgot to remind her...aor

k said...

31 was tough for me too. it was like now i'm officially into my thirties. now i'm 32- i plan on staying here for awhile. happy bday!