Sunday, August 24, 2008

BDAA - Stop #12


Drive from Georgia to Florida was rainy and overcast with lots of construction but it was pretty. Just as I was pulling into Gainesville, the rain got so bad I couldn't see right in front of me and it was a bit scary. Never fear folks - I survived and I am still kicking and screaming.

Did someone order some rocks with their lichens?

I have never been so thankful for windshields - that was one cute butterfly.

This car slid off the freeway and into this pond - glad it wasn't the beetle bug.

I had fun playing with these kids tonight.

I wore my Florida T-shirt just for the Gators in Gainesville. I planned to wear my LSU T-shirt tomorrow so I would have it on when I rolled into Baton Rouge. However Lindsey reminded me that I might not want to have that shirt on in the morning when I gas up in Gainesville and take off for Louisiana. I hadn't thought of that!

Larry - I said hi to Urban for ya. He said he didn't know who you were.

Gas Money:
  • $35.82 ($3.45/gallon) - Evans, GA
  • Running Total: $537.18
Odometer: 4519.2 (FL)


Karen said...

Well, you missed the big bash! We took lots of pictures though. Hope this little road trip is worth the high cost of gas you are paying! HOLY COW!!!

Scames said...

This trip is awesome and very entertaining! Oh by the way could you say hi to Urban for me?

Erin said...

Just wanted to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your little road trip. Drive safe!