Monday, August 25, 2008

BDAA - Stop #13


Yesterday my engine light came on so this morning I went to the Volkswagen dealership in Gainesville to have them check it out.

Needless to say, they found "a few things" wrong with my beetle. While my car did not actually break down - there was an emotional break down. Larry had to endure it and he endured it well. He offered to fly to Gainesville and drive home with me - love that guy. That calmed me down, just knowing that was a possibility. We talked about the option of trading in my car and buying a new one. That cheered me up for sure and I seriously considered it for about 10 minutes and then I decided to be responsible and just get my old 2000 silver slug bug fixed.

As I waited I went to the vending machine and decided I wanted to eat a Baby Ruth. First I pushed the wrong buttons and ended up buying a Snickers bar. That was fine cause I like those too but right then I wanted a Baby Ruth (like that big monster guy on Goonies). So I put in another dollar and the Baby Ruth got stuck so I put in another dollar and the first Baby Ruth fell but the next one got stuck. I could have let it go but I paid for that Baby Ruth so I bought a third just so I wouldn't get ripped off. I think I was so adamant about it because I knew that on some level the dealership was ripping me off - I just am too ignorant to figure out how.

I finally left the dealership at 1:30 PM - these critters were just outside the building where I waited for them to bring my car around.

So it seems probable that I might have a breakdown of some sort when I plan a road trip by myself for 2.5 weeks. Plus I'm a girl - give me a break.

More than once I wished I had my ruby slippers.

Here are some pictures from the drive - it wasn't that bad once I finally got on the road.

Here is proof that I am actually heading west. I drove through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana today. I finally reached my destination at 9:30 PM - which was actually good time considering how late I left.

Tonight I'm staying with my friend Heather and her husband, Nathan. They are both working on degrees at LSU. Heather and I student taught together and she earned a masters degree studying lichens - see I'm not the only one.

Gas Money:
  • $48.48 ($3.75/gallon) - Gainesville, FL
  • $44.81 ($3.79/gallon) - Milton, FL
  • Running Total: $630.47
Odometer: 5114.4 (LA)


Angela said...

So sad to hear about the Slug Bug! Drive safe ok?! K- so I am laughing out loud about the Baby Ruth incident and Goonies reference! "Hey... you GUUUYSS!"

Enjoy your last few stops!

{Erica} said...

sorry to hear about your frustrating time with the slug bug. Car problems suck rocks! but just're having an adventure and a sweet date story to tell :}

Lindsey said...

OK, I feel so awful about what happened to you in Gainesville..... :( It was NOT supposed to be the place where you have a breakdown.

mandmstrong said...

You should have just stayed with me in PA forever. Dan at Sunoco would have taken good care of the little bugger and you were born to work at Long Wood. I will say a little prayer that you drive home safe and sound.

Ann Riggs said...

Ruby Slippers...I knew you didn't want to leave Kansas!!

Karen said...

I'm glad you stopped when the engine light went on! I usually keep driving until smoke starts puffing out from under the hood. Good call! Sorry about all the $$$.

Linds said...

Amen to Ann's comment...come home to us baby! There's no place like Kansas (though I know this is not what you meant by home). Sorry about the bug, that is frustrating. You'll be home soon! Call if you need a talking stretch.

sincerely margie mei said...

I am so sorry Katy! I hate car problems especially when they aren't expected. You are so brave to drive so far, i am so proud of you. What an adventure you will have to tell for years to come. We are praying for your safe trip home, We love you!!!

Kimberly Pace Henderson said...

I enjoyed the drama of this post - keep up the good work.
Duane said he knew there had to for sure be a leak somewhere but that he didn't want to freak you out. He should have freaked you out and we could have had five extra hours with you!!

Katy said...

Thanks everybody. I feel much better today.