Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BDAA - Stop #1

Odometer from Provo

First stop

Geocaching - my first time

That's a lichen - a what? a lichen

Toby (22) - my first date on BDAA


Skelley Family said...

Melissa, looks like I won! We got Katy and havin' a ball!

i i eee said...

Oh Toby's so cute!

Bon voyage! I kept meaning to make you some driving music, but alas I failed. Drive safe!

HollyWood said...

My first thought while reading this was, "Holy crap, she didn't stop for 900+ miles. She must have worn a diaper."

Be safe. Have fun!

{Erica} said... details on the date? You're not going to break it down for us :)

Alice said...

I'm with eRICa ... we want the details!

Katy said...

Sorry Holly - that odometer really says 91.9. I almost needed a diaper earlier today! Next time I'll make sure the odometer is clear.

I'll try to give you some more details in the future but I gotta save something for the movie!

i i eee said...

I was wondering where Hollywood got the 900+ miles. Haha!