Monday, August 18, 2008

BDAA - Stop #6

From Chicago to Indianapolis:


This is me rockin' out to Azucar's mix.

I got a text from Ann Dee...

Ann Dee: Don't worry Van just pooed on the carpet
Me: My carpet? Sick!
Ann Dee: I wish your carpet. don't text and drive

Stopped in Indianapolis to have a lunch date with this guy:

His parents came too - it was kind of awkward. His dad had to pay for us.

Thanks Dan and Katie! I got a tour of their new house.

That night I went on a date with this guy:

Jeff (36) - Thanks Melissa for the connection. We had a great time and I beat him in guitar hero like a zillion times - I'll post more photos later.

I stayed here (at Jeff's parents house) and was able to do some laundry.

This was our waitress - she was so good and brought me two lemons with my diet coke.

I got this t-shirt for Sam. Sorry I didn't have time to get any others.

Gas Money:
  • $45.27 ($4.03/gallon) - Evanston, IL
  • $43.84 ($3.59/gallon) - Versailles, KY
  • Running Total: $291.6
My odometer reset at 2000 so I'll just post a total instead of a picture:
Odometer: 2108.2 (Lexington, KY)


Dan said...

Jeff seems cool. Hook it up!

Carina said...


That picture is awesome, you totally rock it.

Karen said...

I'm with Dan. Jeff looks like a "keeper". (Six more shopping days).

{Erica} said...

more info on the dan date :)

Unknown said...

You've already met his folks!!! Oh my goodness. You must have the stamp! (...of approval my dear). SOOOOOO exciting!

Natasha and Jesse said...

Ok, you don't know me and this is so random, but I'm going to comment anyway. I am a former mission companion of Becky (Alger) Freitas and I saw your blog through her list of blogs. I'm currently living in Lexington, KY and I know Jeff Hale, the guy in the picture, who you went on the blind date with. It is such a small world in the church!