Sunday, August 31, 2008

BDAA - Things I learned along the way

  • Everyone loves the Olympics
  • Kansas is ugly
  • East coast is gorgeous
  • Rocky mountains are the best
  • When driving thousands and thousands of miles, it is a good idea to check your oil every time you fill up
  • I love seeing my friends, where they live and being in their homes
  • I love being a part of family prayer
  • Twilight is as bad as I thought it would be - even worse (we can still be friends - don't be offended)
  • Steven King isn't much better
  • The key to sleeping well in other people's beds is to drive 8+ hours every day
  • There is a bus company named Peter Pan - huh?
  • Traffic in the east sucks
  • I probably shouldn't text and drive but I do
  • There is hope for love
  • America is beautiful
  • West Virginia has mean mechanics who won't look under my hood
  • Pennsylvania has nice mechanics who helped me right away
  • Everyone is connected to the internet although not everyone has wireless and not everyone uses Firefox or Macs
  • Hush puppies are yummy
  • I can usually make friends with kids using my "give me 5" popping trick and if that doesn't work stickers will
  • Paying tolls is lame - you have to do it all over the east coast
  • I heart my beetle bug
  • I can't buy t-shirts for Sam cause I just didn't have time - I did get him this one in Lexington, KY
  • I didn't buy postcards for my nieces and nephews at every stop cause I didn't have time - in fact the last batch got postcards from Utah
  • I need to go back to each stop and see more and stay longer
  • I enjoyed hearing the accents from the various parts of the country
  • I don't have an accent being from the moununs - you betcha
  • There are lots and lots of kinds of roadkill including armadillo
  • My dad will rescue me if I really need to be rescued
  • Texas is hot and humid
  • I really enjoyed learning about Abraham Lincoln and his wife's family, the Todds
  • It is easy to adjust to different time zones when you are driving - not as easy to do when flying
  • Ann Dee thinks I'm brave - but we all know that I'm a big baby when it comes to roller coasters
  • I love my friends - If I told you that you were my favorite stop and I wanted to stay there longer, I meant it
  • I love Utah
  • I love my family
A lot of people have asked me if I'd do it again or what I would do differently.

Yes, I'd do it again but I wouldn't do it alone and I'd have fewer stops and stay longer than one night.

I did this trip by myself although I wasn't ever alone. I took some wrong turns and missed some exits but I never felt lost. I had lots of resources to get back on the right path - maps, GPS, telephone. I learned how important it was to stay focused and keep my eye on the road. You can make the analogy.

I am also glad I documented the whole experience on this blog and by videotape. I want to be able to remember as much of this adventure as I can in the future. Thanks for following along.

Here are some posts from a few of my hosts:


bids2calvin said...

Thanks for taking us all on your adventure Katy. I checked on you every day so that I could get a good laugh. I would like to take a little road trip like that some day and see a little more of the country we live in. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound and that Larry did not have to go rescue you.

bug girl said...

Your trip sounded like a blast. I enjoyed reading all the posts along the way. I am glad you went. What a trip. I am also glad you made it back home. If you want to make a trip to Northern Utah I think I could find you a place to stay in the back corner of the computer room.

kristi said...

hahaha i totally agree with you about Twilight. Ugh... but i'm happy the other 99.9% of America enjoys it at least. (whatever their reasons may be)

Carina said...

That popping 5 trick is legendary around these parts.

hOLLIANN said...

Welcome home! I am glad you are back safe...and can I be in the Twilight club...I didn't even know what breaking dawn was until the day after it came out...That will be for another day...but back to you...the bean missed just wasn't the same!

Dan said...

Could you expand on the "there is hope for love" thought?

Karen said...

And GOSH DARNIT Katy, your family loves you too!!!

i i eee said...

Welcome back!

Danielle said...

Yes...sometimes it takes getting away to really appreciate home. Hopefully we'll see you soon...maybe during the holidays. Love ya!

ellen said...

I hated Twilight too! Finally another sane person. (We were out of town when you called, sorry)

Katie said...

I can't wait to talk to you about your trip! I think maybe you should give a presentation in one of our Wednesday seminars. :) It would save you from telling your stories over and over.

Maybe I should suggest it to Andy.

millie said...

Thanks for sharing with us Katy.

o charm said...

congratulations!! what a radical adventure that only a very few bold and brave can claim. thanks for sharing!!

katie said...

Knighty, I am so proud of you! Good to hear you made it safe and sound. I to would like a little further info on the, there is hope for love comment. I also will join the club of not being so fond of twilight. Although, I just finished the third book about an hour ago and I WILL read the last one if it kills me. I just had to see what all the hype was and now I have to finish it of course.

Anonymous said...

You're pretty amazing, you know that. Thanks for making me laugh.
And WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!? We've been back in school for a week and I haven't even seen you...

Linds said...

Seriously, I'm offended. "Kansas is ugly"? What is that? Maybe western Kansas but I'm pretty biased to our beautiful trees, streams and hills on the eastern side. We may need to let a little time pass before you come back to KS after that statement. Seriously, can't believe it...and not mention of Oklahoma Joes? What is that! :)