Thursday, August 14, 2008

BDAA - Stop #2


My drive today was very pretty - maybe I should have saved this stretch for the end of my trip. It was so pretty that I seriously drove no faster than 65 mph. It was awesome. I talked to some friends on the phone, listened to a whole book on CD and made only two quick potty breaks.

I decided that every time I need to stop to refill my water bottle and empty my bladder, I will buy a post card for a niece or nephew - starting with the youngest. This one is for Lennon. Holly, if I make enough pit stops, you might get one too. I'm starting with the youngest and working my way up.

No date tonight for Katy - I did email a fella but he never responded. Some boys are just scared of love I guess.

My good friends Ellen and Emily have an awesome aunt and uncle that are taking care of me tonight. Talk about connected - they have an awesome network and tons of computers plus a way sweet surround system. I was in complete awe. I might just stay here - sorry everybody else!

Satellite gardening!

I woke up to this picture in the guest bedroom - I told you these guys are cool.

Gas Money:
  • $46.19 ($4.09/gallon) - Price UT
  • $39.66 ($3.85/gallon) - Georgetown CO
  • Running Total: $85.85


{Erica} said...

warning...the drive to Iowa not so pretty...unless we're talking pretty boring. That's when you break out the books on tape and energy drinks.

Emily said...

ha! I've never even been to their house and she's my aunt! That makes me laugh...and feel a little sad. Sorry about the no-date though.

Peg said...

It was so nice to meet you and you're welcome anytime. You too Em...