Thursday, August 28, 2008

BDAA - Stop #16


I started out this morning thinking I was going to drive from Austin, TX to El Paso, TX. I got about an hour into my drive when I decided I wanted to go home so I changed my plans and my route and headed home.

I originally planned to stay tonight with La Yen in El Paso and tomorrow with Marsha (and see Jacquie) in Phoenix and Saturday with Laura in St. George. But now I'm staying with Shanna in Albuquerque. I drove a long time today and I'm pretty tired but tomorrow I only have a 9-10 hour drive ahead of me (I know that sounds like a lot but think of where I've been - it's nothing folks). Then I'll be home tomorrow night in P-town.

Then I'll have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to recover from this trip - I'm going to need that time. By the way I'm so glad I went on this trip and so glad I got to see all of my friends (except those that I decided to cut out at the last minute - sorry). I'll always be glad I did this - to see the country and where everyone lives. I have been making a list of things I've learned along the way that I'll post this weekend sometime.

Just pray that the silver beetle bug can make it one more day.

Here are some photos from the drive today:

Would you rather West Texas or Kansas?

Shanna and Paul let me stay here with them on only a few hours notice. Thanks guys!

Gas Money:
  • $21.71 ($3.62/gallon) - Austin, TX
  • $48.03 ($3.89/gallon) - Fort Stockton, TX
  • $29.32 ($3.55/gallon) - El Paso, TX
  • Running Total: $799.56
Odometer: 6424.5 (Albuquerque, NM)


Emily said...

Albuquerque rocks. What time are you leaving tomorrow? Got time for Gardunos or Dion's Pizza? They're worth the time...have a safe trip! It's a trip I've made a million times and it's not bad at all.

Molly said...

I totally agree with you on the Kansas thing. I loathe it. If you ever drive cross-country again drive through Nebraska, it's much better. It's actually green and nice to look at.

hOLLIANN said...

You are awesome! I can't believe you drove that whole way! And Shanna looks great. Fun to see her as well.

Unknown said...

Shanna looks so great! Shanna would do anything for you, Katy!

Ann Riggs said...

easy on kansas! it is the heart of america...

Katy said...

I like - even love - a few people that live in Kansas but you gotta admit that the drive is NO fun!

Baxter's said...

ANybody else worried about the fact that Katy is driving and taking pictures and texting me all at the same time?