Saturday, April 4, 2009

Have you ever said one of these?

People say these wrong all the time. Have you ever noticed?
  • Tyrantula instead of Tarantula (we hear this one at the museum all the time)
  • PIN Number
  • Anyways
  • Young Womens
  • I like those ones
  • Libary
  • Whole nother story
  • Irregardless
  • Butt naked (I have had many arguments about this one with some of the Lady Cavemen)
  • Lady Cavemen (I have had many arguments about this one with some of the Lady Cavemen)
  • For sell
  • Pacific (instead of specific)
  • So long as
  • Mute point
  • Supposably


kristi said...

No.. usually people say TRIanchula. At least that's been my experience. And "supposably" is a huge one.

I have heard someone say both of these phrases:
1. "when worse comes to shove"
2. "this job can be very physically commanding"

so.... the question is.. do we remain quiet and let them continue thinking what they said is OK(with a high probability they will repeat it), or do we politely inform them that they said something wrong(allowing them to learn and adjust)?

La Yen said...

I JUST NOW realized that PIN number is redundant. Sharp as a tack.

And I always say "Moo Point." Like on Friends. (It's a cow's opinion. Not worth much.)

o charm said...

isn't "for sell" just that utah accent like "rilly" (really) and "dill" (deal)??

oodlesofoversons said...

I am laughing so hard right now. "for rill" so funny. and some are specifically heard only in Utah. Thanks.

Scames said...

I corrected my husband once, because he called the illness my child had "ammonia". He still says it wrong just to piss me off. I may have handled it the wrong way... instead of just saying "I think you might be pronouncing that word incorrectly" I had to say something about "cleaning up the germs with it".

Your post cracks me up, but then you are Katy after all, so you always crack me up.

Bryn said...

Okay is NOT is Zion national park.

shawna said...

I love it when I say regardless and people correct me with "irregardless" Whatever.

Marie said...

Hi - just found your blog from a cjane link.

Two of my favorites:
1. "how come?" instead of "why?"
2. "a whole nother" instead of "another whole" (or simply another would work most of the time!)

Thanks for adding a smile to my day!