Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Basketball Banquet

Last night the Lady Cavemen had their banquet. I got two T-shirts - one in each color.

They watched the highlight video I made for them. It was the sixth highlight video I have made and as the girls get better at basketball, I get better at editing video. It's all about the content. I've included a part of it. Please don't be put off by the poor quality - just watch until the end of the game when the girls start to celebrate - it is pretty fun to watch.

Tri-training update here


Baxter's said...

awesome! love it! Brings back great memories. You did a fantastic job with the editing.. That takes a long time

tookiecramer said...

That was fun to watch. Those ladies got game.

Linds said...

So great! I love the video, you did a great job. They are so fun to watch! What an exciting time, that is awesome.

Bryn said...

Great job Katie!! wow..skills at all levels