Sunday, April 26, 2009

DC – things we saw

Last weekend I went to DC with these girls:

While we were there we went here:

Eastern Market and we got to see my niece Kari Beth

And here:

American History Museum

And saw these:

Dorothy's ruby slippers (they are really just red sequins). I used to pretend to wear these shoes when I was on my mission.

And this guy:


And this guy:


And this shirt:

The puffy shirt from that one Seinfeld episode

And these violins:

Stradivarious - I did my "Great Brain" project on these in grade school.

Then we went here:

Natural History Museum

And saw this:

Except I fell asleep. I tried so hard to stay awake and then finally just gave in. I literally told myself to stop fighting it so I got an $8.50 nap in a dark, cool auditorium.

Then we saw this:

Washington Memorial - did I have to tell you that?

Then we were done.


bug girl said...

Hey, I went and saw those things the week before you. We should have coordinated. Then you could have added me to the list of things you saw in DC.

Andrew & Vanessa and kids said...

Isn't DC a great city? I wish you could have visited while we lived there!