Sunday, April 26, 2009

DC – things we saw

Last weekend I went to DC with these girls:

While we were there we went here:

Eastern Market and we got to see my niece Kari Beth

And here:

American History Museum

And saw these:

Dorothy's ruby slippers (they are really just red sequins). I used to pretend to wear these shoes when I was on my mission.

And this guy:


And this guy:


And this shirt:

The puffy shirt from that one Seinfeld episode

And these violins:

Stradivarious - I did my "Great Brain" project on these in grade school.

Then we went here:

Natural History Museum

And saw this:

Except I fell asleep. I tried so hard to stay awake and then finally just gave in. I literally told myself to stop fighting it so I got an $8.50 nap in a dark, cool auditorium.

Then we saw this:

Washington Memorial - did I have to tell you that?

Then we were done.


bug girl said...

Hey, I went and saw those things the week before you. We should have coordinated. Then you could have added me to the list of things you saw in DC.

Unknown said...

Isn't DC a great city? I wish you could have visited while we lived there!