Monday, April 27, 2009

DC - things we talked about

While in DC many conversations took place between Kenon, Emily and I. Some I really didn’t have much to contribute because they are things that mothers talk about although I did enjoy it.

Here are the topics of conversation … (I’ll spare you the actual conversations):

Intuitive Eating
• Mental Health – yours, mine, and ours
• Haircuts
• Teaching children about sex
• Building self esteem in your children
• Marriage
• Divorce
• Bikini wax and other related procedures
• Lichens
• Botany
• Friends
• Boys in Katy’s life (or lack of)
• Blind dates
• Widowers


CamE said...

Was this list in order of occurrence or importance? I can kind of see how
• Divorce would lead into
• Bikini wax and other related procedures, which remind me of
• Lichens.

Come back soon.

emily said...

Katy you always give me a good laugh. Did we really hit on all those subjects? Wow we accomplished a lot in 36 hours!

Agatha P said...

Very thhoughtful blog