Thursday, April 2, 2009

Golds Gym Analysis

900 East
  • Close to work and home (pro)
  • New equipment (pro)
  • Cardio cinema (pro)
  • Carpeted classroom (pro)
  • Awesome hand blowers (pro)
  • Crappy locker room (con)
  • Lots of BYU students (con)
  • Small (con)
  • No swimming pool(con)
  • No racquetball (con)
  • Crowded (con)
University Mall
  • Relatively close to home (neutral)
  • Relatively new equipment - but not as new as 900 East (neutral)
  • Nice locker room (pro)
  • Swimming pool (pro)
  • Racquetball courts (pro)
  • Crappy hand blowers (con)
  • Lots of BYU students and lots of other people too (con)
  • Big but still pretty crowded (neutral)
  • No cardio cinema (con)
800 North
  • I have only been here twice so I don't know too much about it
  • No swimming pool (con)
  • Tennis courts - but who cares?
American Fork
  • Far away from home (con)
  • Relatively new equipment - but not as new as 900 East (neutral)
  • Nice locker room (pro)
  • Swimming pool (pro)
  • Racquetball courts (pro)
  • Big (pro)
  • Hardly ever crowded (pro)
  • Cardio cinema (pro)
  • No tennis courts - but who cares?
I have been going to 900 East on Tues & Thurs (because that is when I meet with my trainer) and to University Mall on Mon & Wed & Friday so I can swim and run or bike. American Fork is by far my favorite but it just isn't practical. I have been swimming there with Ann Dee once and there is a strange culture that goes on at night with the teenagers (I think they are Lone Peak kids). Anyway, the boys and the girls flirt in the pool and don't work out one bit. They all look at those who are there to work out like we're the weird ones. The boys won't even get their hair wet and the girls are in little tiny bikinis. I wonder if their parents would still pay for these gym passes if they knew about these shenanigans.

I think I will start going to the BYU pool in the mornings with Larry if I can convince him to do it 3X a week. Provo Rec center is out - they are just not that accommodating with their schedule. Golds has the best schedule for swimming but BYU has the best and biggest pool.

Is this too much analyzing? Do you wish I would have stopped a long time ago?

I've decided that from now on most of my posts about the triathlon and training for it will be on my intuitive eating blog and this will go back to being what is was - not sure what that is.


~j. said...

I go to Fred Meyer Gold's 5-6 times/week -- will you teach me how to play racquetball?

Molly said...

I haven't ever played on the tennis courts at Gold's, but I care that they are there. I like to know they are there in case I ever decide to start exercising again! :)

Katy said...

Oh Molly I am sorry about the tennis comment. I am glad that the 800 North gym has a tennis court for you. I like racquetball much better because lets be honest - I don't have to chase the ball as far when I play as I do when I play tennis.

Oh and J - I didn't know it was called the Fred Meyer gym. I like that better than University Mall gym. And yes, lets play rball sometime.

Molly said...

It's alright. I realize that most people don't think about the availability of tennis courts. No biggy. :)