Monday, April 6, 2009

Ever have the same conversation over and over?

I have the same conversation at least three times a day with this guy:

We talk about this:

and this:

Here is how it goes ...

Van: Hi Katy
Katy: Hi Van
Van: Watch Monsters Inc at Katy's house?
Katy: Sure, tell your mom to come over.
Van: uh huh
Katy: You wanna watch Monsters Inc at Katy's house?
Van: Yeah

At this point I'm not sure where to take the conversation so I decide to do my duty as his aunt...

Katy: You want some candy at Katy's house?
Van: uh huh. want cany
Katy: You want chocolate milk at Katy's house?
Van: yeah

Then you hear Ann Dee ...

Ann Dee: Say see ya later
Van: See ya later
Katy: See ya later
Ann Dee: Say Bye Bye
Van: Bye Bye
Katy: Bye Bye

Today the topic was a bit different. We talked about Monsters and Aliens and Van admitted that he was scared but did not have nightmares. He also likes my house better than Karen's and he wants to see Grandma and Grandpa when he comes over to watch Monsters Inc. He also said that his mommy and baby Asher can come too.

I wonder what we will talk about tomorrow.

Tri Training update here.


L. Mo said...

I watch Monsters Inc. at least three times a day, and this is while I am at work. But I must say, I don't mind. I love that show.

Karen said...

I do not believe he said he likes your house better than my house. Not only do I have candy and Mickey Mouse, I also have dirt and dinosaurs.

Kaerlig said...

Hi Katy. I linked onto your blog from Courtney's. Maybe you should spice up the conversation...throw a curve "Want to have green beans at Katy's house?" or spinach or something.