Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cooking For One with Katy - Episode 20

This is Kim who was Ann Dee's best friend growing up. She now lives in North Carolina with Duane and I keep talking about going to see her for Thanksgiving one of these years. Who knows, it could be this year. We'll see. Kim and Duane were stop #10 on my BDAA trip in the summer of 2008.

One time when we were younger, Kim broke into the bathroom with a butter knife while I was sitting on the pot. She just came in and acted like nothing was strange about the situation. She tried to have a conversation with me. I sat there yelling at her, threatening her life but she just sat there with this smirk on her face because she knew I wouldn't get up off the toilet while she was in the room. I was at her mercy.

So now you know Kim and after watching this episode of Cooking For One with Katy, you'll know how to make yummy spring rolls and peanut sauce too! Oh and this episode was filmed on my birthday - what a great way to spend the day!


Ann Dee said...

Katy, sometimes the best conversations are had in the bathroom. I love Kim and I love spring rolls. The best.

due diligence drone said...

Yes, this video post does look better than some of the older ones. I do have some fairly simple ideas to help you take the quality up a notch. Let me know when the next recording is and I'll bring some ideas.