Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karma - Thanks CJane

Monday night I had FHE with Ann Dee's family and Kathy and River at the Bean Museum.

Afterwords I talked them into getting ice cream at the Cougareat rather than the Creamery on 9th ... so much less busy on a Monday night. So there I was at the ice cream counter looking like this:

and the girl in front of me was about to write a check for $1.25. I stepped in and paid for her purchase. I wasn't being nice, I just didn't want to wait for her to write the check cause I really wanted my ice cream. I put it on my signature card which comes out of my paycheck so it was like free money anyway, right?

Well ... a couple of days later, I ran into my good friend Courtney (CJANE) at Days Market and we walked around the store together chatting. I needed to buy a cake for a birthday party I was hosting that night and Courtney insisted on buying the cake for me, which by the way, cost more than $1.25. KARMA. What goes around comes around, so they say. Well I agree.


It was so nice and I told her in return for her kindness, I'd blog about the experience and let all my readers know that this cake was donated by ... cause you know, I have lots of readers and she needs help in that department. ;)

In other news, tonight I went on a walk with Jewel. As I was helping her zip up her coat I said, "just be patient, I'll get the "bugger." She laughed and then said "well, if you're going to use that language, you might as well go all the way." So then I said, "ok, I'll get the s**&^#$d." We both laughed hysterically. It was a beautiful night for a walk.


Emily said...

Did you know my mom's name is Carma? For real.

Sarie said...

I love you and your whole family. And Jewel, ahhhhh Jewel. What a laday.

Liz Lamphere said...

Thanks cjane! The cake was fab! I love Karma!

Katy said...

Looks like I spelled karma wrong. Hope that doesn't bring me bad karma! oops.

mandmstrong said...

What a good friend you are to send good old Court a little blogger traffic : )
Story about your mom cracked me up!

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Is there anyway I can print and frame the picture of Asher with the wolf? That is just about the best photo I have ever seen on the internet.

First I love my children, then I love Ann Dee's children.

Happy Birthday!