Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FHE @ Amber's House

Monday night was FHE at Amber's house. Rich was out of town with their oldest son, Jaxon. Which meant Amber had only 6 kids to feed, teach a family home evening lesson to, and put to bed.

Molly & Mason (twins)

Anne (could be Sage), Seth, Sage (could be Anne)

I didn't get a picture of Caleb that night. 

I had so much fun. There was not one dull moment. We played games, sang a song, and learned about being thankful. Caleb (age 7) told his younger brothers and sisters about the 10 lepers. He was asked on the spot without warning to recap the story and did it better than I would have. Then each told their brothers and sisters why they were thankful for them. It was great. Amber is amazing and is my hero.


MediocreMama said...

I still remember walking home from school with Amber and her sister (Ashley?)...a lot has changed since 1987.

She is my hero, too. Not sure how much family night we'd have with SEVEN whole KIDS. That is incredible.

A and R said...

You got Anne and Sage right, good job.
So glad you could came and live through our crazy. The next day Anne and Sage were asking if you were coming again.
You are the best!

A and R said...

oops *come* not came

Mary said...

Wow- Anne & Sage are the spitting image of their mother. Cute kids.