Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks for your support ... but I still need your help.

In high school I got in trouble for hanging a poster advertising the girls basketball game because it said, "Women need athletic supporters too."  Aw, come on ... chillax. Well back in high school I was known as a big supporter of all things Provo High. Well I'm still a big supporter of my family, friends and various causes I believe in.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I've asked a lot of you (via the web) to give money to Drew, read my sister's book, or to vote for this cause). I know this campaigning stuff can be annoying but I really do want to help people and if spreading the word is how I can help, then that is what I'll do as best I can.

I've been feeling so grateful for all of the support I've been given over the last few years as I've promoted these things:
  • laptop for Drew

  • Ann Dee's books (see sidebar)
  • charity golf tournament for Matthew Cooper

  • APX facebook competition for Now I Can (for both Luke Jackson and Matthew Cooper)
  • sponsoring me to do a triathlon to raise money for Drew

  • Buddy Walk for Lacy

    And now there are two more things to support and they don't require any money, just votes via the web:
    • Angela Ahn (one of my BFFs) to become Sunglass Hut's fashion blogger ... just one vote per email address and you have to confirm the vote once they email you a confirmation. Go HERE to vote.  Thanks.
      • Pepsi's competition for Tipping Bucket (this is such a great cause because it would mean support for many other great causes) ... go HERE to read about it. You can vote three times a day (once on pepsi's website, once through Facebook, and once by texting 104182 to 73774) during the month of November. I just go to every morning and use the links on their page to vote ... way easy.
        • you can also watch this 30 second video to get the jist of what Tipping Bucket does:

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      kristi said...

      you left out the part on how you attached a jock strap to the poster..... "athletic supporters"... right??