Monday, November 15, 2010

FHE @ Amy and Todd's House

Tonight was FHE at Amy & Todd's house ... you know, Amy & Todd who were "going together" since 9th grade. Amy and Todd who were married in the Manti temple and I was so sick after the sealing that I slept in the back seat of Amy and Aaron's car during the luncheon.

Here is how FHE went down:
Dinner ... navajo tacos
Todd conducted
Maryn led the song ... I'm trying to be like Jesus
Loryn gave the prayer
Nick gave the scripture: Mosiah 2:17
Kayla gave the lesson (with Maryn's help)
Todd did the game ... some Wii dancing game ... don't tell Todd that I posted this.
Amy had the treat
I just sat back and enjoyed.

The lesson was on service and everyone was challenged to give service this week to someone on the service wheel (we rolled to see who). So I am supposed to serve a friend every day this week and I would like to report back that I did it. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do for a friend this week? You need some service?


Naomi said...

Grade my papers.

Lindsey said...

What cute kids! I love that "welcome note", that is so sweet!

Scames said...

Katy- thanks so much for coming! The kids love you and they can't wait for Febuary. As far as Todd's dancing goes... We refer to him as Willard (Footloose). As I am typing this, one of my kids asked "is Katy coming over tonight?" You're so cool!

bids2calvin said...

You should see him do Dance Dance Revolution. It is so awesome!

~j. said...

Awesome, Katy.
Awesomer, Todd.