Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FHE @ Holly's house

Last night was FHE @ Holly & Cliff's house. It was great fun but I'm losing my touch with the toddlers. Asher doesn't like me but I thought that was an anomaly. Well little Jane was starting to warm up to me when I did the "pop my thumb off" trick. It freaked her out to say the least and I'll have to work hard to get her back.

The lesson was on the Holy Ghost and there was also much talk about silly bandz and webkinz. So much I don't know.

Here is everyone enjoying caramel apples for dessert.


tookiecramer said...

You will have to tell Holly I said "Hi". I sure never see or talk to anyone. I'm glad you had fun. PS: I'm sure my kids would love ya!

Ann Dee said...

I want apples and caramel. I'm not a cool Mom and I love Holly.