Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Tommy is a married man

When Holly (MediocreMama) got married (7 years ago), I turned to Liz and Mandy and said, "no more nieces and nephews can get married until I do." They chuckled and said, "of course." I thought they would take me serious and really start looking for me . Well they didn't ...

Here they are ... Liz and Mandy as brides.

And now ... a nephew. Sweet little Tommy (Thomass) as I like to call him is officially married to Shantay. Shantay who didn't get mad when I backed into her car and caused significant damage to both cars. 

Shantay who let me borrow her Glee CDs. Yes, her.

Ken Garff was the man who performed the ceremony. He gives each couple that he seals in the temple a new car. 

JK, he doesn't do that, but that would be awesome if he did.

Jewel and Larry have been married for over 53 years.

Here is a picture of Asher being nice.

Meet Larry. He should be mine and here is why. First of all, look at his hair.

Secondly,  for years and years, I've had claim on the name "Larry" for my first boy ... you know, after my dad. Well Holly (MediocreMama), decided to name her second boy, Larry (after her grandpa). She swears that she had no idea that I had wanted that name. And yes it is true, I can still name my first boy Larry, but I don't want to look like a copy-cat so for a long time, I called this cute, little red-headed boy, Larry 2 cause whenever my Larry comes along, he'll be Larry 1.

I've come to grips with the fact that I can't stop my nieces and nephew from getting married, having kids, and stealing my names just cause I haven't yet. Right? Or can I?

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MediocreMama said...

Name your first daughter Larry. Then you won't feel like a copycat and then I'm off the hook.

Larry really could be your son. Want him for a week?