Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things/People I haven't lost lately:

  • Drew & Ron... cause I haven't lost my testimony of the gospel
  • Mom (physically)
  • Stacy
  • Wendy
  • Dave & Erin
  • Ability to exercise (there was a time when I couldn't):
  • golf clubs (last year I think I lost two pitching wedges)
  • my assistant at work, Matt, who is great
  • my iphone
  • a lot of facebook friends and real friends for that matter
  • the ability to bribe Asher with candy or a movie
And here are some more (see, I'm a glass half full gal after all):
  • testimony
  • temple recommend (physically or spiritually)
  • job
  • shelter (my condo)
  • transportation (my suby & scooter & bike)
  • scooter parking spot
  • keys
  • wallet
  • any weight
  • sense of humor
  • a game of connect 4 ... I dare you to beat me
  • my plant (it's been alive for over four months in my care)
  • my view of Y mountain and squaw peak from my balcony
  • love for BYU sports
  • receipts (they are all filed away in chronological order)


                      MediocreMama said...

                      I hate when you show that picture of your achilles. Want to run next week?

                      Jillian said...

                      Seriously, I'm a little dizzy and slightly nauseous after looking at that pic.

            's to bright sides:)

                      Karen said...

                      What about me? You haven't lost me yet. That picture reminds me of the time Mom wanted me to give you a "sponge bath."

                      Megan said...

                      Thanks to you I just lost my lunch.

                      laura said...

                      Oh Katy. It still just totally adore you.
                      And I thought that was a picture of your piccata pizza. Really, out of context it looked pretty delicious.