Friday, September 24, 2010

Change the world

Last week I got a parking ticket for parking my scooter outside the museum in this spot. At the time it did not have a sign up and the curb things were not painted. This has always been, however, the place to park motorbikes. I was a bit upset at the time ...

Here is what happened:
  • online appeal
  • fine decreased from $20 - $10
  • argument with appeal judge
  • name dropping
  • explanation that I was not a student but a FTE who works all day in the museum
  • no backing down from either of us
  • phone call by an influential co-worker
  • citation voided
  • sign posted
  • curb things painted

1 comment:

Rain in My Head said...

You go girl! When are you coming east again? Miss you out on this coast.