Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vernal Temple ... I've been there twice now.

On August 20th ... Wendy and I drove many miles and hours to meet at the Vernal temple. Wendy got there a few minutes before me and called me right away ...

"Um Katy, I think it is closed."
"No way. It can't be."

Well when I had originally planed this trip, I was going to go the Saturday before and I had checked the schedule. However, I decided to push it back a week so I could go to a family reunion and just assumed that it would be still open the next Saturday. But it wasn't!


Luckily my friend Wendy is awesome and laid back and is the type to make "lemonade out of lemons." So I bought her lunch at the Vernal Cafe Rio ... yes, there is a Cafe Rio in Vernal. The weather was great and we spend a couple hours eating and chatting outside on a blanket that Wendy had in her car. It was a very pleasant day and it wasn't too big of deal to make such a mistake. We actually got to talk a lot more than we would have if we had been able to go in.

The problem was that this meant I had to come back out so I could reach my goal. Some people thought I could count this temple since I made the trip. However, the point was to do an endowment session and actually be able to see inside. And I'm so glad I went back. You all should make this trip. This temple is so great and beautiful. It might be my favorite so far.

So yesterday, my friend Stephanie came with me and we really enjoyed our drive and session. We talked for a bit with a temple worker who gave us a bit of history about the building and the remodel process. This is the only temple that was constructed from an existing building. It was such a great day and we made it back in time for some dumb football game that I'd like to pretend never happened.

Only 3 left ... Manti, St. George and Salt Lake City and I'm going to hit Manti and St. George in the next couple of weeks. This goal has been great. I recommend it to you all!


Molly said...

Glad you got to go! How do you know Steph? I used to teach with her at Westfield. Small world!?!?

Rowley Family said...

What are you talking about! It was a most wonderful football game!

Kim said...

Katy B, YOU ARE MY HERO AND INSPIRATION!! I can't believe how AMAZING you look!!!!! WOW!!! I check your blog every so often and I couldn't believe it when I saw the picture of you weighing 80 lbs. I have a new determination to do it myself. Every day I think of you and it helps. One of these days I will be there too. I love you and love to check in and see all the fun you are having. You always make me snile.