Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm not too cool anymore ...

Sometimes when you're from Provo, you can be too cool for certain things ...

  • EFY
  • Education Week
  • BYU dances
  • Student teachers in every class
  • hiking to the "Y"
When I think of hiking to the "Y," I think of my mom because she would always answer this question with the same sarcastic answer ...

Hey mom, what are you doing?
Just hiking to the Y

Translation: Isn't it obvious what I'm doing? Why are you asking me such a dumb question?

I can only remember hiking to the Y once growing up when I was a "Merrie Miss." Do they even have those anymore? I found a couple pictures:

Pretty rad hair cut and pretty cool walkman ...

Katy, Jayne, Jessie and Chuck ... who is the girl in the pink?

Dave, Jayne, Chuck, Katy ... who is this other girl in the pink?

Then in 2008 someone convinced me to hike it one day and it really kicked my butt. I had to stop at pretty much every switch back to catch my breath. It was hard.

Then in 2010, I hike the Y with these guys to watch the fireworks. That was fun and the hike wasn't too bad and the weather at night was beautiful.

Then  in 2011, I hiked the Y with these guys , again to watch the fireworks. 

On Labor Day, I told Karen I'd get up at 6 AM and hike it with her. It was great. I got up and back in probably only 45 minutes and was able get up there while the sun was still rising. 

And now I'm not too cool ... I might do this a lot more often.


Emily said...

5 years at BYU and 6 in Provo and I've never done it. I guess I am too cool.

Becky said...

that is the most hilarious answer to a dumb question. you're mom's so cool! I think I've hiked the Y twice. Didn't do her any good didn't do her any harm. It is a beautiful view. And speaking of the Y, I LOVE it when it's lit up...never hiked it when it was lit...that would be cool.

HollyWood said...

We hiked the Y on Labor Day, too. It was crazy busy. I thought similarly...I should do this a lot more often.