Thursday, May 1, 2008

Creative rain cover and the CONTAINER STORE

My co-worker used the shower cap in her hotel room as rain protection.

I finally got my trip to the container store. So the more people from Utah who either order online or shop in actual stores, the more "votes" our state gets for our very own store. Come on people, do it for all of us organized OCD people - or just do it for me.


Macy said...

I'm so glad you got to visit an actual Container Store! They are a thing of beauty.

Emily said...

i visited my first one in oregon and have campaigning for one in utah ever since. once we got ikea i thought that would put us on the map and they might start thinking about it.

sincerely margie mei said...

You are so funny! I bet this was the highlight of your trip... am i right? I seriously need your organization skills at my house! My storage room and garage are calling out your name katy, katy, katy, help! can you hear them?

Naomi said...

Isn't the container store ridiculously expensive?

And, KTB, I have not forgotten you. My lack of recent comments is not due to dislike, but rather extreme busyness.


tookiecramer said...

I know of this store but have sadly never been. I'm sure I would not be disappointed. I have a thing with closet hangers - they have to be the same color and, heaven help me, no wire hangers please- those are just trashy. I also color coordinate how thigs hang in the closet, how could you just randomly hang a solid color next to a print - eww, I just cringed.