Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today I ate lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Provo - no, not Cafe Rio. I was by myself and so I had nothing else to do but listen in on the conversation at the next booth.

They were talking about the corner of 200 North and how Diegos and Subway are both gone but they didn't know why or what was going to be built there. Then they started talking about the Midtown Village in Orem and how it is empty and they've stopped building.

MORAL DILEMMA: Do I but in and tell them? Then they will know I've been listening to their conversation. What do I say, "I couldn't help but over hear..."

Well does it matter that these complete strangers don't know that Zion's Bank is going in on that corner and that Midtown village is not empty because in fact I eat at the P712 at least once a week? NO - I didn't tell them but if they read my blog they'll know. In fact that is the whole purpose of this post - in case they read it.

Then I thought about an English class at BYU that Ann Dee used to teach where she had her students go to the Cougareat and eavesdrop on conversations. They were to write down everything they heard for some kind of assignment about dialogue.

What about when people eavesdrop on you?

Ann Dee and Kathy used to make up stories and talk really loud and fake fights for the girl and the BYU Bookstore candy counter. They would do this on a daily basis just to watch the girl's reaction. They'd get such a kick about how she would try to hide her reaction. Sometimes when I'm out in public with Ann Dee she'll spontaneously try to make a scene to force someone else to eavesdrop on us but I usually cannot keep a straight face so it doesn't work out.


hOLLIANN said...

I totally have a brother that does that - ha ha - he has meetings with the president, tours with van halen, and even runs into things and fakes ill to get a date. One time he stooped so low as to have 2 old ladies help him up in the middle of Prestwich Farms...which is really gone...and is the pizza good there...and I would have met you for lunch to eavesdrop...that sounds fun!

Karen said...

Weird, I would never do that.

Naomi said...

I totally love to eavesdrop on people's very loud cell phone conversations and imagine what the person is saying on the other end. I kind of feel like it's the person's job to make their cell phone conversation interesting and juicy, especially if the rest of us have to listen in.

And we used to speak in bogus languages when at the airport.

Oh, and I love El Azteca.

Ann Dee said...

Well, I just don't understand why you spend so much money at walmart that you go into debt. I also don't think it's inappropriate to discuss this at the checkout stand. Sometimes checkout stands are the only place I can get through to you. Please.

Emily S. said...

wow - El Azteca! I haven't been there for years but I really used to like it. Love P712 and have wonderful memories of the cougareat. Eavesdropping, etc.

Skelley Family said...

YOU KILL ME? So, was that a yes with Mr. cleff?

Michelle said...

YUM! I love Pizzaria 712! My friend manages the place-I just went there on Wednesday!

Katy said...

Michelle - is your friend Brian? Colton, one of the chefs and owners is my friend.

millie said...

I miss the days of Ann Dee and Kath fighting on campus. Occasionally, I'd be included. It was quite a challenge on my unpracticed improv skills.

Why do you buy so much at Walmart that you go into debt?

Maybe we should get you some P712 pass along cards. I think I know someone who works there and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for lunch today. I love your pop-in visits.

Katy said...

Millie - yeah you know him in the biblical way.

It's MY blog - I can cross the line if I want to.

sincerely margie mei said...

Sam loves to do this! I will be having a conversation with him, he will be totally ignoring me and listening in on someone else's conversation.