Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guess where I am?

This is for Dan

This one is for Sam

Joe if you read my blog and feel left out, call me and I'll get you one too.

I've never been to Florida so this is my first trip. We're going to visit this place and learn all we can about how they do things. Friday I'm excited to spend time with Lindsey who warned me that this place was already hot and humid and she was right. Hey all you Utahnns, quit complaining about the nice, cool weather, aight?


Naomi said...

After visiting Savannah, GA over the weekend and suffering through the unbearable and oppressive humidity, I am LOVING the weather in SLC right now. It is awesome.

Enjoy FL!

hOLLIANN said...

You can't go wrong in Florida! I love my utah mountains, but anywhere katy goes, the party goes too!

Dan said...

My T-shirt is much cooler than Sam's.

bids2calvin said...

How come you didn't come with us to Florida after high school for FHA? We sure had a lot of fun and would have had even more fun if you would have come. We went in July! Heat and humidity at its yuckiest. I miss Ary. I haven't seen him since Talia was a month old. You might want to look into a support group for former soda addicts. It sure is on your mind a lot.