Wednesday, April 30, 2008

T-shirt for Sam and HEARTS

So if you read this post, you know that when I travel I always try and find my brother Sam a t-shirt of the local sports teams in that city. Well this is the one I got for him this week:

Also, years ago I got my boss hooked on playing hearts. He's pretty good and competitive - oh and I'm pretty good and competitive. He's won the last two nights. What do you expect? He's my boss - I gotta pay the mortgage!

PS - those are my knees - I was working out my abs when I took this picture.


sincerely margie mei said...

You are such a great sister to Sam. He loves that you look for cool shirts for him. Did you know he gets rid of two old ones when he gets a new one? So, in a way you are helping me get rid of some shirts he has had since high school. Oh, we are having dinner for your parents this Sunday. I hope you are coming, we have been missing you! We might bring it there. I will let you know.

Minderella said...

Hey I know that guy!! Hi Katie B and Larry and Rieta. :)

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